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Sinchi Runa – Consciousness Technology Center focuses on the investigation of entheogens and their therapeutic model as a way to comprehend the underlying code behind suffering, paradigms and self-limitations. We have a wide range of experience in healing problems with substance abuse, energetic disorders and others related to physical and mental health. We work with master plants like Chiric Sanango, Uchu Sanango, Yawarpanga, Tabaco, and other natural entheogens that allows the individual to comprehend the subtle world and the universe as a phenomena of energy and vibration.

Our concept is based on the benefits of transforming suffering into an opportunity of comprehension while understanding consciousness and the truth that resides within each individual. We follow a non-dogmatic religious discipline based on the ancient knowledge of the philosophy of the Vedas (The Baghavad Gita) and other sources of wisdom allowing each individual to extract what resonates for them in their hearts as their own truth.

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