The Vibrational Change or Awakening

change of polarity

What many expected from the change of polarity are called biblical apocalypse, overflowing oceans, meteor showers, divine rays dividing the land, or the rise of the “saints” and “righteous.” They believe that things work in a predictable way, clinging to beliefs and fears spread by ideologies with limited understandings of the cosmos, they do not realize that in a vibrational change the less dense matter Is their subtle bodies, and even more their spirit.  More than affecting matter, it will touch their interior and hearts.

It is not necessary to build a bunker to defend ourselves from hurricanes or walk to the mountains to be safe from tsunamis. The days of “darkness” that the Mayans predicted is nothing more than a change of consciousness understood as a cognitive ability. The information we receive from the environment is but a form of perception of “reality”, if there is a change of perception through the vibrational change or modification of consciousness, adaptation to this might be called “days of darkness”, while we adapt to this new understanding we could be without “seeing” or believe that we are not seeing since it will change the way to look, observe or perceive things.

The change is not in the mountain but how we will see the mountain as we awake our awareness to a new consciousness. In fact the mountain is there thanks to our observation and awareness, we are giving material and form, for what we believe that exists depends on our observation. All things that we identified as matter are an array of information, including ourselves; this sort of information is the thing itself but also is linked to the observer who gives “reality” or material form to it.

The apocalyptic ideas related to obscurantist religions go hand in hand with messianic ideas, although sometimes not always together. The mental organization that has produced millenniums of bewilderment and beliefs based on paradigms suggests many new messiah and be waiting to be saved by rays of light or destroyed by raging divine forces of human evil. For others modern angels of heaven come in flying saucers to create a new world order. These reflections are but recreations of excerpts from “holy” books that have given rise to more confusion, since only is expected to be redeemed through the judgment of divinity translated into gods, messiahs, and even aliens, judges and holders of the truth that we are not able to see.

We must realize that the only real change is within, in understanding the mission of humanity, in their nature with the cosmos and the opening of our hearts to compassion. The external forces do have influence within us, but it depends on our own understanding and our inner healing that humanity takes advantage of this opportunity for a higher frequency.  It’s a battle that we unleash in our hearts against the strains of the world of the ego and the energies that live from our ignorance and suffering.

The only real change can only come from within; the only voice of truth is in our hearts which we can listen if we can overcome ego. The biggest apocalypse is that humanity clings to their paradigms and fails to reach the energies of compassion and intelligence of the cosmos, the same ones that are giving us this opportunity of awakening.

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  1. No soy una experta en las preofcedas de Nostradamus ni en la Biblia o almenos no en la interpretacif3n que ha llegado de ella hasta nosotros. Para mi lo importante del texto no tiene demasiado que ver ya que no contemplo que los mayas baticinaran el fin del mundo si no el fin de los tiempos. El fin de los tiempos significa el cambio de visif3n en tres dimensiones del espacio. Tiempos en plural se refiere a pasado-presente-futuro. Ese cambio de perspectiva es el que nos hare1 reconocer la eternidad de nuestra Alma, el ininterrumpido hilo de conciencia divina que se ancla en nuestro cuerpos fedsicos pero que a la vez este1 sujeto al Todo, transff3rmandose una y otra vez.Tal vez este texto de Javier Segura te sirva para despejar tus dudas, pero la informacif3n me1s valiosa reside en tu propio interior.Un abrazo. Esta traduccion de aionon (griego de eon o evos) como mundo cuando deberia decir eras ha conducido a la creencia tradicional de que los autores del Nuevo Testamento creian que estaban viviendo no solo el final de una era sino el final del mundo es una interpretacion erronea. Muchas religiones hablan del Final de los Dias. Esto no se refiere al fin del mundo, sino mas bien al fin de nuestra era actual. Piscis que empezo en el tiempo del nacimiento de Cristo, abarco dos mil af1os y languidecio al terminar el milenio. Ahora, que ya entramos en la Era de Acuario, el Final de los Dias ha llegado La Cosmologia Oculta de la Biblia

  2. Dear guides, I have been hanvig problem with my health .I feel sick to my stomach like I am going to vomit and my stomach hurt so bad .Everytime I eat my stomach get very puffy and it hurt.My skin has acne like I never have before.I do not feel confortable to eat anymore it even hurt my back.I used to do hot yoga last year now I do simple yoga and some work out even that does not help.What is going on??Thanks

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