Ayahausca and Iboga Assisted Addiction Treatment

“Stop living in automatic. You are not the mind, the fears, the attachments, nor the knowledge you have. Jump into the void of becoming consciousness and know yourself.”


The treatment for addiction at Sinchi Runa is based on freedom. We consider addiction to be a state based on mental programs that limit the tools to confront suffering, to go through pain and face the confusion or disharmony that one is living. This situation cannot be addressed from a platform of belief; it is approached from an inner re-connection with self-love, spirituality and understanding of existence. In this dynamic of healing, the most important thing is the will of the participant; genuinely wanting a change of life and the decision to stop abusing substances.

At Sinchi Runa we offer a new alternative for healing addictions and compulsions. The participant becomes the owner of his own healing and the creator of his own process. It is intended that the participant activates his own self-healing with the help of the guide and master plants. The guide travels with the participant to his inner world, accompanying horizontally, seeking together the psychic ruptures that motivated the process of dependency. They go together creating tools to overcome suffering and frustration. The process allows the participant to reconnect with his own self, with his inner peace and with the strength of God or the universe. The therapeutic team serves as a protective role in the subtle world, creating the right conditions to offer the participant a safe space for the process.

The treatments in Sinchi Runa are based on the use of master plants with a metaphysical value, but we consider it of vital importance the harmonization of the body using concepts of phytotherapy:

Preventive: These plants are used to prevent disease and improve the defense capabilities of the organism. They promote elements that strengthens and supports the immune system.

Depuration and Detoxification: we use plants that help with detox on a blood level, diuretics and energy cleansing.

Alleviate or cure disease: we also work with plants collaterally to heal problems caused or not by the use of substances, such as intestinal motility, joint pain, nutritional problems and / or bacterial infections or immune deficiencies.

We should clarify that no master plan, nor Ayahuasca, nor Iboga “cures addiction” only through its simple intake. A complex issue like this has to be addressed at multiple levels that go from various therapies of preparation, the sacred context given by the guide or “shaman”, the search for healing of the participant through understanding compassion, his capacity of humility and inner confrontation. It is elemental the work capacity of the participant, his willingness to heal, to trust, and the pureness to open what is inside, confront his own circumstance and raise it as a healing opportunity. It’s essential the ability of the participant to reinvent himself and establish new habits of relation with his own self, with substances and his surroundings. It is crucial that as treatment progresses, the participant suits the modifications required for healing. The most important thing about the cure of addiction is to comprehend in the heart that addiction is not a disease and it is only a circumstance that one can leave.

Addiction Treatment Content

Purgas – Decodification and Detoxification

This is the most important stage of the treatment. For a complete diagnose it is necessary to enter the stage of detoxification or purge to be able to understand the real inner state of the participant. This process takes about 15 days and can modify the initial work plan according to the observations and results. For the final design of the work plan, it is necessary to get into the decoding and detoxification process, which is a diagnostic system that shows the inner state of the participant in depth. It is advisable to start the process of decontamination before arriving at the center.

Once in the center, the stage of spiritual isolation and purging begins. This stage is complemented with massages, saunas, plants, the taking of diuretics or laxatives plants according to the characteristics of the participant. At this stage the work of the guide begins with a close accompaniment, identifying with various diagnostic tools the status of the participant beyond any paradigm or previous medical diagnose. At this stage the mental decoding work initiates, in which the participant begins to be aware of the ideas, paradigms, programs and attachments that cause suffering and anger, which is expelled through the purge process.

Shamanic Diets

The diet with master plants helps the participant to achieve spiritual purification and a deep encounter with his own self. The diet serves to integrate into the heart what is comprehended through the master plant and sessions. The diet helps to understand the mechanisms of the mind and the unconscious. The diet is therefore an opportunity for the participant to realize his own functioning and that based on that understanding, can make more conscious decisions towards his own healing and not reactive towards his suffering.

Master plants are those within the Amazonian tradition ingested properly generate knowledge through dreams, visions, perceptions and intuitions through their healing properties. Master plants also serve to give us insights about ourselves and about life in general. They help to interpret the facts or events that have influenced the process of our life and that have led to suffering.A shamanic or spiritual diet (dieta) requires a process of isolation. The diets demand to force oneself to come out of the comfort zone to be able to confront what is needed to heal. The energy of the guide and the ingested master plant will create new tools of transformation and knowledge for the participant to reach self-healing and wisdom.

Ayahausca ceremonies

Ayahuasca ceremonies work as a therapeutic tool to open, to seek depth and to close a healing process. Under treatment, the opportunity to take Ayahuasca acquires a deeper dimension as the participant is more open to receive and purge information. The participant is able to go deeper into himself as he goes through previous purge processes or diets and is able to confront the crisis that he is living.

The sessions are used to purify the participant of the information that is causing unnecessary suffering, whether are beliefs, paradigms or ideas of his own image. They allow the participant to feel within, his own personal truth, and to establish a personal relationship with the cosmos or the universe.

Iboga healing

The main feature is that Iboga has proved very effective in eliminating withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid use and reducing the craving of consuming a variety of drugs. The Iboga allows a type of “reset” of the situations that are causing the compulsion that is leading to addiction, phobias or fears. The experience with Iboga facilitates a thorough revision of the personal history and series of circumstance that produces the crisis or life situation. The Iboga treatment allows a significant reduction of the compulsive cravings for multiple substances, including opiates, stimulants such as cocaine, alcohol, benzodiazepines and nicotine. Small booster or a second treatment a few months later may increase the likelihood of no cravings in the long run.

Steps to establish a treatment

  • Clinical Sheet sent to Sinchi Runa.
  • The participant must have an electrocardiogram (ECG) and a liver test if necessary.
  • Carry out a personal Shamanic Consultation, via Skype if necessary with the participant or family. (Required if the costs are covered by third parties).
  • Design of an initial work plan according to the period of staying in the center.
  • Agreement of the Rules of the Center and establish a date of admission.
  • Deposit of the costs of treatment.

Establish work agreement and signature of the Healing Commitment of the participant.

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