The Search for Truth

The Search for Truth The search for truth is undoubtedly the brightest theme to conclude the year 2017 at Sinchi Runa: the search for reality, being, the immutable, the transcendent, the…

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A letter of gratitude

A Letter of Gratitude "Let's place an energy of gratitude in our hearts to close the circle of this opportunity..."At Sinchi Runa we often end the session of Ayahuasca with…

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Vedic Philosophy

Vedic Philosophy and Shamanism “Humility; pridelessness; nonviolence; tolerance; simplicity; approaching a bona fide spiritual master; cleanliness; steadiness; self-control; renunciation of the objects of sense gratification; absence of false ego; the…

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The Beliefs of Humanity

The Beliefs of Humanity "There is an animal called the elephant, which has no desire to copulate  ... The dragon wishes the death of the elephant,  because his blood, which…

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Ayahuasca Ceremony in Tikal

Ayahausca Ceremony in Tikal Since I arrived to Guatemala, I knew on an unconscious level that it was an opportunity that could provide me an understanding of the human soul…

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Removing the Stones of Madness

Removing the Stones of Madness Knowledge is what we learn from experience, is what we accumulate for thought to translate the observed according to the retained information. However, by observing…

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