Deep Immersion with Ayahuasca and Master Plants 1 month

Healing with master plants and ayahuasca is not a mere magical act, but an inner work process that requires sacrifice and purity of heart. We frame this process in and around the profound work through shamanic diets, granting a deep purification and deep transformation.

The intention of this program is to offer the complete process of a shamanic diet in a protected environment. The participants will fully commit to a healing journey that will allow them to leave behind any dependencies, fears or blockages that they may be carrying from conditioning, past trauma and conscious or unconscious suffering.

Our 1 month deep immersion process is an opportunity to enter into a sacred space away from habitual daily life. This allows oneself to confront disharmonies and to comprehend and heal the origin of suffering that one has carried throughout their life. The deep immersion is designed to take the participant on a journey of profound self-healing and understanding through the discovery of the universe within. Of the participant, this requires great willingness, sincerity, pureness of heart, faith and sacrifice.

Phases of the 1 month deep immersion process

  • Purification period before entering into the sacred world of the master plants
  • Shamanic Diet with designated master plants
  • Healing Ceremonies with Ayahuasca or Wachuma
  • Post Diet and Integration work

The process starts with the purification period before entering the shamanic diet. This initiation is a purification period that may last from 3 – 7 days depending on the state of the participant when reaching the center. In the case of participants that arrive consuming psychoactive substances or suffer from severe mental disharmony, this period may last up to 15 days or a month. In these cases we recommend the 3 month deep immersion or another one of our treatment programs.

During the process Sanango works as a guide and healer within the subtle and spiritual realm as well as in one-on-one consultations and therapies. He does this while always respecting the direct experience and proper understanding of the participants themselves. The consultations serve as a basis to understand and integrate what one has experienced in the ayahuasca and wachuma ceremonies as well as in the shamanic diet and throughout the process. This allows the participant to be able to bring to a conscious level what he or she may need to comprehend in order to truly heal.  

The 1 month deep immersion consists of:

  • Prior psycho-spiritual consultation with Sanango over Skype with instructions and preparation before arriving to the center.
  • Vedic Astrology Chart Reading with Daru Krishna over Skype
  • Arrival to the center and filling of the clinical sheet
  • Accommodation in private room
  • Personal interview with Sanango (English/Spanish translation available throughout the process)
  • Shamanic purification ceremony – Purge with Tobacco or Yawarpanaga (serves as a diagnostic tool and helps stimulate lucid dreaming)
  • Interpretation of dreams and Initial diagnosis
  • Purification period of 3 to 7 days with purgative plants, sauna with bath of plants, diuretics and harmonization of energy channels
  • Spiritual support and energy work to elucidate healing objectives.
  • Determination of the plant to diet with according to the diagnosis and personal goals of the participant.
  • Initiation of the shamanic diet with designated master plant. (The diet period can vary from 10 to 15 days.)

Weekly Ayahuasca ceremonies with post consultations and/or sharing circles. (The ceremonies at Sinchi Runa are always kept small and can be compared to a surgery where the shaman or guide works close with each one throughout the session, healing and removing infestations and disharmonies in the participant).

10 to 15 days of post diet period. The post diet is an important stage of the healing process, it is during this time that the comprehension and healing is integrated into the heart of the participant. In another words, it gets embedded into the core and applied in daily life. This period is best done in a protected environment and it also serves as an act of gratitude to the universe for the compassion that was received overall in the process. During this process there are shamanic consultations, Hridaya hatha yoga, meditation and lectures on eastern philosophy and shamanism.

The needed preparation will take 7 to 15 days before the process begins and about the same time is needed for after care when finishing the process. Participants will have an initial consultation through Skype for online counseling before starting the process in order to go through the proper preparation. If one is taking any prescribed medicine, one must adhere to a detoxification period before arriving or if needed by any other reason. This is necessary for the participant to be physically and mentally prepared to assume their healing with respect and responsibility.

Skipping or eluding any of these steps does not allow the process to be fully effective or safe. Since the full deep immersion process requires great discipline through a safe environment, we encourage each participant to perform the entire process in the center.

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