Deep Immersion with Ayahuasca and Master Plants 1 month

Healing with master plants and ayahuasca is not a mere magical act, but a serious inner work that requires sacrifice and purity of heart. Our 1 month deep immersion retreat is an opportunity to enter into a sacred space away from habitual daily life. This allows oneself to confront disharmonies and to comprehend and heal origins of suffering and disconnection. The deep immersion takes the participant on a journey of profound self-healing and understanding through the discovery of the universe and wisdom within. The aim is to reconnect with the natural joy of being and to reach a greater understanding of existence and life as a whole.


The retreat starts with a purification period before entering the shamanic diet. The participant goes through a physical and emotional cleanse with purgative plants, diuretics, saunas with plant baths, special diet and introspection. This initiation may last from 3 to 7 days depending on the situation of each participant. 

Shamanic Diet

The diet is a process of solitude and inner work with master plants and the healing energies of nature and the cosmos. The participant is following a strict diet of plain whole grain rice and green plantains and ingest a designated master plants three times a day. During the diet one observes silence and abstain even from eye contact. At times Sanango will come to speak to the dieter, help with guidence and invoke the spirit of the plant. During these visits one can speak with him (and the translator and facilitator in case it is needed).

During the entire process Sanango works as a guide and healer within the subtle and spiritual realm as well as in one-on-one consultations and therapies. He does this while always respecting the direct experience and proper understanding of the participants themselves. The consultations serve as a basis to understand and integrate what one has experienced in the ayahuasca ceremonies as well as in the shamanic diet and throughout the process. This allows the participant to bring to a conscious level what he or she may need to comprehend in order to truly heal.

Post Diet, Harmonization and Integration

The post diet is an important stage of the healing process, it is during this time that the comprehension and healing is integrated into the heart of the participant. In another words, it gets embedded into the core and applied in daily life. This period is best done in a protected environment and it also serves as an act of gratitude to the universe for the compassion that was received overall in the process. During this process there are shamanic consultations, ayahuasca ceremonies, hatha yoga, meditation and lectures on eastern philosophy and shamanism.

The 1 month deep immersion consists of:

  • Assistance with essential preparation before arriving to the center
  • Vedic astrology chart reading with Daru Krishna
  • Purification period with purgative plants and diuretics
  • Kambo initiation therapy
  • Purging ceremonies with purgative medicinal plants
  • Saunas with medicinal plant baths for purification and energy protection
  • Harmonization of energy channels
  • Shamanic consultations with Sanango (translation available throughout the process)
  • Shamanic diet or plant dieta with designated master plants
  • Weekly ayahuasca or wachuma (san pedro) ceremonies
  • Post ceremony integration with Sanango
  • Post ceremony sharing circles
  • Shamanic dream interpretation
  • Discursive lectures on shamanism and Vedic philosophy
  • Fire ceremonies for purification and transmutation
  • Daily hatha yoga and heart based meditation
  • Jungle and waterfall hikes
  • Accommodation in private room and secluded hut (during the shamanic diet)
  • Daily natural meals in accordance with the plant work

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