3 Month Deep Immersion with Ayahuasca, Plant Dietas and Kambo

“The truest discovery we could ever make is the unearthing of the universe itself through our own direct experience of being. This is the ultimate divine invitation: the ability to realize and remember who we truly are.”


Embarking upon the three month deep immersion retreat is an adventure in wonderment into the heart of self-knowledge. This journey brings us into the essential understanding of the inner world and nature of existence. Through this understanding we are able to gain profound insights into the nature of thought, memory, and experience. Insights that allow us to further understand how the creation of thought, memory and experience have consciously and subconsciously shaped our personalities and what we understand to be our personal existence.

We are given the opportunity to recreate ourselves from a fully conscious and all-seeing perspective. We actively begin to awaken the wonderment, love, and creativity that is our original, natural birthright. We are able to honestly begin an investigation in finding the answers to some of the human beings most important questions: How does the mind operate? What are the blockages and beliefs that bind one to suffering? How can we finally be free from all the things that keep us in suffering?

The deep immersion retreat at Sinchi Runa invites us to review and deconstruct any destructive beliefs we have formed about ourselves. Once doing so, we are able to experience the profound healing and understanding that comes from the heart. Not only does this lead us to heal what we perceive as the suffering within ourselves but it allows us to go even further into the exploration of who we really are. The truest discovery we could ever make is the unearthing of the universe itself through our own direct experience of being. This is the ultimate divine invitation: the ability to realize and remember who we truly are.

The quest for truth is both a challenging and rewarding journey that demands the utmost dedication from the honest seeker. It is the most important adventure of the human being. It is the reclamation of the right to simply be, to solely exist; the freedom to love and be loved. It demands from us the ability to step out from our comfort zones, from the presumed safety of all that we have known. This space of willingness, sincerity, dedication and purity of heart is the soil upon which the essence of our being can begin to bloom.

During the three month deep immersion retreat, we begin to awaken to our inner, innate truth. This truth grows through our own self-knowledge, healing, and reconnection. A reconnection with the whole; with the universe; with God. We are awakening the intuition of our original ‘Dharma’; our true mission and purpose in this world.

Guided by the wisdom and compassion of Sanango and the plant spirits, we begin to transform our entire being from the inside out. Transforming and harmonizing our suffering, blockages, and limitations through deep spiritual and energetic cleansing. Ultimately allowing the reconnection and integration of inner truth, freedom, and true identification to naturally flower.

Stages of the deep immersion process


The deep immersion starts with an energetic cleansing and a mental deconstruction of the pre-existing paradigms, beliefs and attachments that may limit us. We review the mechanism of thought in its entirety; focusing on the relational aspects of family, society, sexuality, the “other” etc. This includes a purification of energetic parasites and restrictive thought processes which create and sustain suffering. We are given the opportunity to investigate, and realize all the habits, dogmas, tendencies, self-limiting stories and thought patterns that keep us from being able to live life fully in harmony and peace.


In this stage we begin to cleanse and balance the chakras and energy channels. This is a metaphysical process aiming at opening and living in the heart. Discovering the heart to be the source and fountain of wisdom itself. We awaken the ability to differentiate and discern between the reason and logic of the mind to that of the inspiration, creativity, love and intuition of the heart. We seek to reach a state of unadulterated silence and clear observation in order to perceive this sacred dimension of the heart.


We begin to restore and remember our natural state of existence: our true essence of being. Reconnecting and re-awakening the ever-present awareness that is beyond the restless and impermanent nature of thought and emotion. We begin to realize that our healing and comprehension is able to unfold because we are an integral and important part of the universe. By truly healing ourselves we, in turn, are indeed healing the world.

This enables us to establish healthy relationships with all that exists within and outside of us by developing acceptance and compassion. We begin to further understand sexuality as being a vital energy of our being that is closely connected to creativity, creation, enthusiasm and joy. We aim to free ourselves from any moralistic or dogmatic ideas and beliefs that block and impede the sexual energy from flowing naturally and harmoniously. We seek to embrace sexuality as an intimate form of energetic exchange, expression and communication. Understanding sexuality is an important step in being able to experience genuine spiritual awakening.

We gain insight into the meaning and significance of life. Insight into our own personal existence and the role we play in what we perceive to be the world. Along with developing an honest presence; grounding ourselves and reconnecting with the Earth. We are able to create a permanent reciprocal bond with the Earth. Allowing her complex network of information and knowledge to aid us in channeling and transforming our spiritual understanding into action and benefit during our life on Earth.

Content of the 3 month deep immersion process

Assistance with essential preparation before arriving to the center
Vedic astrology chart reading with Daru Krishna
Purification period with purgative plants and diuretics
Kambo initiation therapy
Purging ceremonies with purgative medicinal plants
Saunas with medicinal plant baths for purification and energy protection
Harmonization of energy channels
Shamanic consultations with Sanango (translation available throughout the process)
Three shamanic diets with designated master plants
Post diet periods and integration work
Weekly ayahuasca or wachuma (san pedro) ceremonies
Post ceremony integration with Sanango
Post ceremony sharing circles
Shamanic dream interpretation
Discursive lectures on shamanism and Vedic philosophy
Dharma and karma understood through a shamanic and Vedic perspective
Understanding of shamanic processes (purging, decoding, alignment, subtle world and energies, risks and psychic protection)
Introduction to shamanic and tantric energy healing
Fire ceremonies for purification and transmutation
Daily hatha yoga and heart based meditation
Jungle and waterfall hikes
Accommodation in private room and secluded hut (during the shamanic diet)
Daily natural meals in accordance with the plant work

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