Maestro Sanango

“Sanango is an incredible healer, full of love, compassion, and truth. You feel immediately his thousands of years of wisdom and deep connection to the Universe, it is truly an honour and a pleasure to be in his presence. He has such a deep understanding of every being, I feel that he sees all of my layers and right into my soul. I am certain he knows and understands me more than I do. His way is beautiful – deep, direct and honest communication, and also a lightness that heals and means it’s difficult not to smile in his presence. His icaros are so powerful, it is a real and humbling honour to journey with Sanango, and he is ever present for each participant in the sessions, and throughout the dieta, really it is something very incredible to experience this. I feel deeply blessed to have received so many gifts during my dieta and through the sessions.”

Emma Dibben

Many years ago I experienced my first ayahuasca ceremony in the jungle of Tarapoto, Peru. What I remember the most, is an incredible state of love and happiness; the feeling of being, of coming home after a very long journey. The first impression was a blue and transparent world; I experienced becoming water, trees, sap and the sap of the earth. I became birds and snakes, the sun and the infinite. I saw and felt Guru Brahma and Guru Vishnu and I realized that I had arrived. At the same time I realized that my path had just begun.

During my life I had always felt that I had to remember something, yet not knowing what it was.

Walking the hills of Ancash in the Andes, I began the process that led me to Ayahuasca. I walked in Conchucos to Pomallucay Christ, a lost mountain sanctuary where farmers used to pray to Christ to help them find the lost cattle. I went there to find what I could not remember, what I had lost, and the spirit of Christ brought me to Ayahuasca. Through her I found myself, and through finding myself she helped me to remember what it was that I so desperately had been looking for. I understood that in this walk of life, I am assuming becoming a human being, and I prostrate in front of God in infinite wonderment and gratitude.

So, I arrived to Ayahuasca and through her, to what is called shamanism. As many seekers, I had begun a journey with much pain, impulses, fears and suffering during the early years of my life. I feel that my own depth was forged in those years of confusion.

Every minute journeying in ignorance is a treasure of understanding in this causal universe, provided that compassion can show us the understanding to be able to come out of suffering.

Each plant, gemstone, perfume or essence that I use has come by speaking to me; as every mantra or icaro and each teacher with their own truth and darkness. I cannot define who I am with words, I think the word shaman has been cheapened and manipulated in the present world. But I am inviting master plants, healing with my hands, giving perfumes and scents, love, comfort, trust and information from the universe through the wisdom that I can channel.

I can speak with some worlds and some other worldly beings. I can see the “disease” and remove it. I can see the chaos of suffering and fear expressed as the illusion we call hell and parasites or creatures that infest us. I feel the universe as light, vibration, and as an expression of the will of God; which is love, compassion and truth.

I know that disease does not really exist, like death, which is nothing but the illusion of illusions. These sensations of pain that our illusions brings us are not relevant when standing in front of the eternity of our essence, they simply allow us to awaken to something we need to understand. I feel that every being is a universe in themselves; and at the same time that we are everything, all the universes at once, while individuality still exists within and as a part of the eternal whole.

I feel the human experience to be an opportunity of understanding life and the very nature of existing. It is a circumstance from where we can liberate ourselves by going beyond suffering, to come to healing and freedom, which is the same as the right to be and to exist.

We exist to the extent that we can experience inner silence; to feel God, eternity and simultaneously fulfill our purpose in this lifetime.

The human opportunity is a journey through the universe within us, understanding the outer phenomena as a mere reflexion of the inner world. I firmly feel that the journey does not end; it goes beyond the experience of the body and transcends time and space. I understand that I am being nurtured and healed spiritually by each one that seeks in me a teacher or a healer. This is an experience is of mutual giving, healing and understanding. The intelligence and compassion of the universe, Brahman through the plants, gives me a chance to heal and be healed, and it is the will of the universe that is acting on each understanding or capacity.

I’ve seen God in this opportunity in the heart of the warrior that fights for his freedom. I have understood real love through service and search for freedom, loving the essence of humanity through those I love, whom I deeply thank and render myself unto.

I exist beyond time and my reason for being is to serve humanities pursuit of freedom.

Being born in the Peruvian Andes gave my being a sense of stoicism and search for silence. Other than this, seeking to feel and serve God in a state of infinite love and gratitude, perhaps there is nothing more to say about me.

“I’m not a curandera because I do not use eggs to cure. I dont ask for power from the Lord of the Mountains. I’m not a curandera because I do not give potions of strange herbs to drink. Nor am I a sorceress because I do not do evil. My wisdom comes from the place where the sand is born. I heal with language, nothing more. I am wise, nothing more. I am known in heaven, nothing more. I am just one that talks to God, nothing more. ”

Maria Sabrina

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