Purge: Decodification & Detoxification

“The purge is the preparation of the being before finding healing through comprehension and understanding. The purge means liberation from the old to welcome the new. Is the beginning of a healing path, no exempt of sacrifice and confrontation.”


The purging process is the beginning of healing in Sinchi Runa. The purge is a barbaric act of healing, is an act of humility and reconciliation with our essential part free of paradigms. Is the act of “letting go” using our human nature, defecating and / or vomiting, cleaning the inside of the unnecessary, of toxics accumulated in our body, feelings of suffering, beliefs and ideas that do not belong in our system. When we speak of vomiting in the west, we associate primarily to be sick; it is profane for the western culture to use it for healing. Nevertheless, over the millennia, the so called primitive cultures have used vomiting as an essential and fundamental part for healing.

All treatment with plants or (Phytotherapy) begins with the stage of detoxification, cleansing or purging. Likewise all genuine spiritual paths must begin with the stage of purification; letting go beliefs, ego and other limitations for understanding. Inside the treatment with master plants or entheogens, both factors are combined. Purging is the beginning of detoxification and decodification. Each purge has a physical and energetic function. Some can be very violent in terms of emetic effects as Yawar Panga or Kambó and others more subtle as the Tobacco or Rosa Sisa. The purge according to the used plant can harmonize the ying or yang, chakras; unblock clogged energies, for energy protection, etc. In addition to the master plants, we integrate the purge with Kambó, a name given to an extract of the secretion of a frog that lives in the trees of the Amazon rainforest, specifically in Peru and Brazil. The Kambo is a purifier that strengthens the immune system, strongly balances the chakras and eliminates energy parasites. None of the purges is for the faint of heart, but their effects in terms of decoding and harmonizing are indisputable and invaluable for a healing path of real comprehension and understanding.

Plantas Maestras and Shamanic Medicine used in purging

yawarpanga plant


This emetic causes a profound physical, mental and emotional cleansing. It is a strong energetic regulator that brings a deep sense of peace after the process is completed. In the Yawar Panga purge, each vomiting, in each deposition, the participant usually knows what is been expelled; old emotions, repetitive thoughts, addictions or origin of the disease if any. It causes a powerful detoxification of the body, significantly shortening the process of removing toxins. The purge goes between 4 and 6 hours to complete the cleansing process. Purging with this plant is definitely a realization and deep awareness of the moment in the life of the participant.


The father of plants in the Amazon, considered a healer. It is a Yang energy that uses the heat to balance the chakras and removes the overboard emotions. Removes the wrath of the ego and cultural concepts that are tied to the misunderstood masculine energy or male dominant; control, possession, aggression and all the yang imbalances. The Tobacco also works through lucid dreaming that usually occurs after the purge. Lucid dreams that will show the desires of the unconscious, what needs to be heal and the fundamental survival dynamics that need balance. The Tobacco purge is completed between 30 to 60 minutes depending on various factors.

shamanic planta maestra rosa sisa

Rosa Sisa

Rosa Sisa is a very beautiful shrub with yellow flowers that is a strong energy cleansing agent. It is a Ying energy that works with the heat as well. It is used when suspected of bad energies or activities of “witchcraft” or “energetic wounds”. It is also a good antiseptic. It favors menstruation and the flow of blood in the pelvis and uterus. It cleans the mucus “sadness” out of the respiratory airways. Its main action is cephalic and mental. The Rosa Sisa purge is usually mixed with Tobacco when administered and lasts between 30 to 60 minutes.

kambo medicine


The Kambo medicine may seem very physical, but also strengthens and aligns the chakras, seals our electromagnetic field, cleaning the auric field, or as the natives say “takes the heart to its natural rhythm and when the heart beats to its natural rhythm, things flow “. The Kambo is a medicine for the soul as it opens the heart chakra and improves perception in general; helps with intuition, stimulation of dreams, the third eye and the unconscious; eliminates blockages that impede the flow of vital energy in the body.

This purge has the intensity and strength to break an addictive process. The Kambo is a medicine of fire and when combined with water that is ingested before the session, an alchemical transformation occurs. The old toxins are released through vomiting or urgent dispositions. The Kambo is suitable for any disturbance or imbalance. Purifies the blood, treats all chronic acute processes of the body and strengthens the immune system. It is a powerful purge that detoxifies organs, mainly the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and intestines. It can also be used in people seeking deconditioning and self-knowledge. One common and most interesting uses of this drug is to raise “panema”, which translates as “bad luck” (panema includes depression or lack of energy). Also works well healing immune deficiencies (cancer, AIDS, allergies) and diseases of infectious origin. This cleansing process works deeply in both physical and spiritual level. It is a process that takes about 60 minutes per session to be completed and usually 3 sessions are needed for a complete vaccination or protection.

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