It’s been six months since I came home from my stay at Sinchi Runa, and not a single drop of my life has been the same. I’ve had no idea how to even start this review for so long - how does one describe their most profound and earth-shattering experiences? How could I possibly tell you about how I every breath I take is deeper, every color is brighter, every ounce of my love is stronger? Which words can I string together to make more than mere sentences that prove my entire paradigm has changed? My life was saved in that jungle with every flap of a butterfly’s wing, every drop of rain, every grain of rice...and thankfully, I will never be the same again. Though I could tell you all about the incredible connection to Spirit I witnessed through Sanango and Mikaela, the deeply intensive experience of being alone amongst the trees for so long and the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life, I feel that there is so much more to this experience than just what happens in Peru. I was called to go to Sinchi Runa after a deeply difficult bout of depression had taken almost everything from me. On the brink of suicide, I booked my flight with nothing to lose. I had no idea the magic that was in store for me there. Using their vast knowledge of Spirit and the world of plant medicine, Sanango and Mikaela took me on an intensive journey of death, rebirth, awakening and healing. They guided me every step of the way and though I went through the entire rainbow spectrum of emotions, I always felt safe under their care. The jungle, Sanango and Mikaela are the greatest teachers I have ever known. This came as no surprise to me - after just moments in their presence, you can already feel and see the deep connection they have with Spirit. What I wasn’t expecting, however, were the infinite and powerful changes that have occurred since I left. Every aspect of my life has undergone great transformations since returning home, but that most incredible of all of these has been my relationship with myself. Before my process, fear was dominating every part of my life, but my time at SR firmly rooted me back into myself and allowed me to operate from a space of loving kindness. If you have found yourself here reading these reviews because something inside has been calling to you, I implore you to honor that voice. Who knows - you just might save your own life.
Amanda Ligon
United States
My experience with Sinchi Runa was just amazing. I have read about many retreats before deciding to go to this one. I couldn't have asked for a better arrival into this life changing experience. The people at Sinchi Runa are by far the most genuine, kind and understanding people I have ever met. I live in Norway and this kind of humanity is something that I don't see very often. It's almost two weeks since I left Sinchi Runa and I'm still trying to process all that happened there. The food was amazing, the farm we stayed at was wonderful and ceremonies were magical. I have a little trouble finding the words to describe such an experience, but I would highly recommend Sinchi Runa to anyone who is thinking about visiting the wonderful world of entheogens. Sanango is a very good shaman/guide and has a lot of wisdom to share to those who will listen. His powerful presence really made my sessions perfect. Sanango is like the ultimate father/grandfather. Wise and powerful, healing and caring. He may be strict in some ways, but only because he cares about you, your journey and your spiritual healing.
Magnus Øversveen
Previous to Sinchi Runa I have been to two other retreats in Europe and by far my experience with Sinchi Runa was the most amazing on all levels and by a huge margin. It was challenging at first, giving up my phone, having days of silence and having nothing much to distract myself with in general. After a few days I was able to pay attention to and appreciate nature more, I was mindfully eating because of the lack of distraction and really let my body rest as much as it needed. Also from just observing, I've learned what I should be eating and it's tasty simple food that I feel confident that I could cook at home. The members of Sinchi Runa are all such wonderful people that gave a really calm and safe energy which was so important for my Ayahuasca journeys as well as just being able to have really interesting conversations. In my first Ayahuasca ceremony I asked to give up my fear, knowing that I was asking for a challenging experience. I got that challenging experience but it wasn't terrifying because I fully trusted Ayahuasca and Sanango's guidance. I'm not sure such an experience would have been possible anywhere else as it involved real life events. It wasn't all in my head. My second Ayahuasca ceremony was the most bizarre and beautiful experience of my life. When closing that ceremony Sanango held my arm and said something to me that I didn't understand. I suddenly went from giddy happy to realizing that I had finally let go of enough trauma that I could feel joy again. For five ceremonies my intentions were to let go of grief, let go of sorrow, let go of fear and after letting go of so much negativity I could finally see the light. I felt like Andy in Shawshank Redemption, after crawling through my endless sh*t finally I was free. I was so happy I wept with joy and relief. Finally I can let go of my past. Finally I can live my life. I had been searching my whole life for a way to "fix" myself and finally that journey has come to an end. I don't feel the need to take Ayahuasca anymore. It's possible that I will again in a few years but I want to focus on integrating and living my life. In the second ceremony I asked Ayahuasca how to have more joy in my life and she said "You're funny. Do comedy." I had done stand up comedy in the past but quit because of the fear of bombing and not having anything meaningful to really say. I think I will get back to stand up as now I do feel like I have a lot to say and I think it'll be really fun. Thank you Sanango, Mikaela, Kameron, Noah and Rava (The coolest dog I've ever met).
Grace Chan
For months I have thought about how to describe what seems indescribable because it is beyond this physical world of words and reasoning. It is so great and yet still, in all its abundance and infinity, it is still right here. When I was 12 I wrote in my notebook: “I am imprisoned in my mind.” This is the reason why I decided to go to Sinchi Runa, 13 years later. My Father has always taught and showed me that to be worthy of love I had to be perfect. Perfect in many hyper-meta-ways, that can be very hard for a child to understand and navigate in. But I understood the core information: Perfection is something you achieve, love is something you make yourself worthy of and existing is not a birthright. At Sinchi Runa I unlearned all this. Like much of humanity, I had suffered great hurt and pain continuously trough out my childhood. The traumas traveled with me into adulthood. Scars integrated so deeply in my very being that I often mistook this darkness, along with the fear and pain it came with, for my own actual essence. I have suffered anxiety for nearly two decades. At times so profound to an extend where I couldn't go to school for months, or lately back in 2014/2015, where I suffered the most intense anxiety I have ever experienced. A year of penetrating anxiety, that made it nearly impossible for me to leave my apartment, unless I absolutely had to. For a whole year I couldn't walk the streets, for more than a few hundred meters until I had to either run home or take a cab back to “avoid” fainting, throwing up or dying. At work I often had to run to the toilet, to hide an incoming attack, Trying to calm myself never worked because I didn't feel the least bit safe within myself. A thunderstorm of void and darkness would rush in over me, and its vibrating echo would suck out all life force of me. My only way out seemed to be to physically leave this painful world that was me. “We are not all supposed to be here.” I remember thinking many times in great distress. I would cry myself to sleep because I was so saddened and disgusted by my own existence, only to go do my job as a model next day where I had to embody “beauty and happiness”, when I felt like the ugliest, unhappiest being. I felt guilty and ungrateful, now I’d been so fortunate to have been given a Mother, siblings and friends who loved me, a job that introduced me to so many people who have been such a big part of my journey and money, that gave me the freedom, to live a life in New York, that not many would be able to lead in their 20’s. Needless to say, none of this resolved anything. At times I couldn't feel anything, not even my mothers love. I could have had all the love there is in this world around me, but I felt no love within. As in nothing. Only light can lead out darkness and I had very little access to my own light. Light that lives inside of all of us. Light that in fact, is us. I’ve tried so many different healing methods, modern and ancient, physical and mental. They all worked for an amount of time, only until anxiety found a crack and forced its way back. So enough, is enough and I knew nothing was going to fundamentally change inside of me, unless I dared to take a leap, and go deep, back to where it all happened, and even beyond that. Arriving at Sinchi Runa, I had to leave all my preconceived ideas of what was going happen, at the front door. I knew it was going to be profound, like nothing I had ever experienced before. But I also kind of thought “Hey I got this healing covered, I’ve done nothing but trying to heal for the most of life. I’m in touch with my spirituality” Little did I know... I spent a month at Sinchi Runa healing with highly intelligent plants, like Ayahuasca, Yawapanga, Tobacco, and San Pedro amongst many others. And I spent a month doing nothing but facing my greatest fears, my greatest pains and my greatest love. Sanango told me to set my intentions for my first session. He told me to try to become love. At the time it seemed like a very foreign and abstract concept to me. Instead I turned into fear, that is the opposite of love. My first ayahuasca session was the most frightening hours of my life. It was 25 years of fear and pain boiled down to a few hours and revealed to me in its rawest format. Leaving the session, I thought “This fear, this darkness, inside of me is much greater than I thought. It’s lethal. It is going to kill me.” Opposite happened, standing face to face with my fear I have looked at it, felt every inch of it, cried for it, thrown it up, shouted at it, shat it out, inhaled it, exhaled it and released it. I have forgiven those who have hurt me, I have set us all free and I sent them love, even when I wanted to hate. When I “finally”, a month later, became this love, I understood what I am. Who we are. I went to the place where we go when we leave this body, and I looked “death” in the eyes and I bowed. An abundance of love filled me to my core, and as light was streaming through my veins, darkness and all that is not me, dissolved. I was then blinded by light, my light. Shooting up through me, protecting me, embracing me. This light is here in eternity. At Sinchi Runa they teach you how to walk again. You do the footwork yourself, you take the steps, and when you fall you learn how to get up, by yourself, but you’re not alone. You’re being compassionately taught and guided by Sanango, Guillermo and Mikaela, who all heal from the purest and most honest place. I’m forever grateful to have met these three beings, who all in their own ways has changed my life and taught me everything I hadn't been taught about this universe, love and compassion. Teachings far beyond my imagination, beyond words. They have helped me to understand my conditions. Conditions I didn't even knew I suffered from, but more importantly they have helped me understand my truth and my essence. That I am not darkness, I am my not ancestry linage, I am so much more than this body, I am infinite and that I have a right to exist in this world. We all do. I built a stonewall around my heart, desperate to shelter from pain. This wall has now crumbled. I am now able to trust the sensitivity of my heart. Sinchi Runa helped me to trust this very heart, helped me to look trough it, in all its powerful sensitivity. The world, and my part of this world, now looks very different. They have shown me my true potential, a potential we all has as human beings; A potential to step fully into the light. To hold love and compassion for everyone. They’ve opened up a world of ancient wisdom and knowledge that is so beautiful and beyond this world that words cheapen it, instead I carry it within my heart, as a part of my being. At Sinchi Runa there is no dogma, no stigma, not one truth. There is no me or you, us or them, Dissociation is such a hurtful part of our society and religious beliefs. There are just us (and a whole lot of laughter), as a conscious collective, and within this collective is a place for you and for me. It is not a place you gradually work your way up the ladder to achieve, it is your right. It is yours, it has always been yours and always will be yours. I am. We all exist in a universe that is Purnam, which in Sanskrit means perfection. This universe is whole, fully and perfect. It just is. At Sinchi Runa I found a home within my center, but it is also the physical place where I have felt the most at home, I found extended family and I found a way of loving absolutely unconditionally, with every cell of my body and every pore of my skin. Mikaela, Guillermo and Sanago, I am in awe of everything you have showed me and taught me, I am moved to tears every time I think of you and all the love, wisdom and compassion you are and that you share with the world and its people. When I miss you, feel doubt or fear about the next steps I have to take, I close my eyes and I feel your presences and love so deeply inside of me, and I know I am always home. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You. I am so humbled.
Amanda Norgaard
I did an 8-day Ayahuasca retreat with Sinchi Runs in Portugal in early June. Both Mikaela and Kameron were so helpful in the initial stages of enquiry, booking and arranging transport etc. When I arrived at the Retreat, I was in awe of the dedication and kindness of all the staff and volunteers. I found both the first Kambo and the first Ayahuasca sessions quite challenging, yet the support I received was second to none. It enabled me to continue with further sessions as planned. I let go of a lot of grief and received so many insights that I know will be life changing. Before I did the retreat I felt very lost, whereas now I have a renewed zest for life and trust that I am part of a Sacred Universe. The other retreat participants were really great and supportive also. A huge thank you to Sanango, Kameron, Mikaela, Noa and Emma. I will be forever in your debt.
After sitting with many teachers, I still felt that something was missing from my journey and I found it at Sinchi Runa. Sanango is a true teacher who is steeped in the knowledge of master plants, transformation, and Vedic teachings. As a yoga practitioner/teacher, the Vedic aspect of Sanango's teachings was priceless. He really is a master at guiding you through your individual process and customizing it to help you find your truth. I was, and still am, amazed at the depth of his compassionate and firm guiding as I weaved through my process. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING. I will be coming back to Sinchi Runa as long as they are providing this powerful gift of teachings. The accommodations were perfect for what you are needing on your journey. The food is spectacular and the land has a deep healing energy that I have only felt in certain parts of India and high in the mountains of Colorado. I never felt pressured to do anything that did not benefit or enhance what I needed at that particular time. Having sat with many teachers, in different lineages, I can honestly say that this was the most profound experience of my life journey thus far and I will continue to return as often as I can. There is a true sense of caring at Sinchi Runa that provides a safe atmosphere to grow and heal, without giving off a "cult vibe", that I have seen in other lineages and retreats. The staff went above and beyond to make sure I had what I needed to arrive at Sinchi Runa and what I needed for my time there. Do yourself a favor and contact them, you will give yourself a great gift. If we do not take care of ourselves on this life journey, then who will? Thank you.
Clay Campbell
United States
I spent several months at Sinchi Runa participating in a series of dietas and ceremonies. To say the experience was life-changing is an understatement. I experienced profound healing from personal and military-related trauma and finally found a true sense of Self. I've been home from Peru since December and I still feel as though my process and the lessons continue to this day. Sanango is a gifted shaman and Mikaela is an absolute angel on earth. I cannot recommend them highly enough for your journey.
Kay Weber
United States
I'm so happy that you're reading this. You just found the best retreat center in Peru. Seriously. Safe, legitimate, powerful, and intimate (this is not an Ayahuasca tourist factory. Avoid those places.) My first Ayahuasca experience with Sanango was back in 2011 and ever since then, I've been traveling to wherever the heck he is in the world at least once or twice a year to attend retreats and continue my journey with him. As a result, my life is incredible and I couldn't be more grateful. As far as I'm concerned, Sanango saved my life. No, I never abused drugs, I wasn't depressed, and I didn't have anxiety. I was actually living what I believed was a good life! Unbeknownst to me, however, I was secretly suffering because I was disconnected from my heart and my true self. I was doing things that I *thought* were ok but were actually hurting me in serious ways. I was a very difficult nut to crack. I didn't even think I had a problem. I was just being curious because I found the whole Ayahuasca thing intriguing and I trusted Sanango so I kept coming back to do retreats. Once I committed to a proper 10-day process with Sanango, my life changed completely and for the better. Sinchi Runa is by far my favourite place in the whole world. Nowhere else have I been able to access so much inner peace and joy. Real peace and real joy. Not just the kind you talk about or imagine. I experienced it. I became it. Sanango showed me the way. Ultimately, you are your own healer so don't bow down before anyone who makes you feel lesser than them. Only teachers with sincere compassion and true understanding who don't take their silly human selves so seriously are worth following. Sanango is one of those great teachers. Anyone who has the opportunity to go to Sinchi Runa and sit with him in their lifetime is sincerely blessed. If you're considering taking this opportunity, I am so happy for you and I hope we get to cross paths while you're there. I trust Sanango and Sinchi Runa with my life. I am safe there. I thrive there. It's the best work I've ever done. It's the best money I've ever spent. Thank you Sinchi Runa. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you.
Rhiannon Sinchi Runa
Rhiannon Jane
The greatest gift I could have ever given myself was my decision to do a 3-month-process. I arrived with an idea, a concept of what I wanted. Now, I'm simply left with a feeling, an undeniable knowing, which guides me everyday. It was such a blessing to have found this place. If you are searching for truth, to heal, to free yourself, to open your heart, I highly suggest Sinchi Runa.
Kameron Celniker
United States
I am in awe of this place, of these people. What can I say. Words cannot describe my stay at Sinchi Runa. When I arrived I started to feel a lot of different frustrations, I didn't have the feeling that I could choose if I participated in for example the sauna that they had prepared when I arrived, I felt pushed into it but kept it for myself. After that a series of things happend that left me frustrated, things didn't go the way I thought they would and things were not like I had imagined (like not having a toilet/shower in my tambo and the mattress aggravated my back pain). Even though I know the trap of expectations, I felt right into it, pretty hard...and (silently) I blamed Sinchi Runa for not meeting up to it. Luckily there was the silent, accepting force of nature that surrounded me when I was at my lovely Tambo. I was in awe of this place! Within a day or 2 it teached me to just let go. I really felt taken care of, by nature but also by the people of Sinchi Runa...they radiate love. Mikaela (whom I deeply respect; she really does embodies an angel) has helped me beyond words and partly without even saying a word. When I looked into her eyes (in a time of deep personal drama) I could see the ''silent knowing'' that I also felt in the presence of Sanango. It felt very clear and profound like there is a deeper understanding of life that I seem to be able to experience for seconds, maybe hours..but they seem to live it, understand it. I have to say, that is good company to have around when you truly want to understand those things. They helped me to learn to take responsibility for my own life, my own made-up drama, in a honest but loving way. At some point I was almost crying for their attention, for help, they stayed with me but refused to feed my emotions of helplessness. By not feeding it, it starved a lonely death. I suddenly saw how I (partly) created drama in my life to gain attention; to be seen....and how painfully funny that somehow was. I learned to love and help myself and stop expecting that others will do it for me. I gained a lot of power from that. What I want to say is this: if you'll go to this place, big chance some negative feelings will surface, maybe also toward Sinchi Runa. I just want to invite you to not immediately take it out on the people of Sinchi Runa but try to take a honest look inside and just sit with that negative feeling. Maybe you are a little bit like me and you have some personal shit coming up to the surface, and the event that you are mad/frustrated about is just a way to ventilate those (old) emotions. Everything I've blamed them for when I was in my dieta, I laugh about it now...all that stayed is a deep feeling of gratitude. Much thanks to Sanango, Mikaela, Page and Kameron who all helped me with so much kindness. I hope to see them again some time!
Andrea de Swarte
My process has been life-changing by opening my heart and life for love, compassion and healing. I can from the depths of my heart recommend this center for deep healing work with authentic and experienced shaman in a safely held space. This center has a unique touch and a truly and gentle way of meeting individuals and guiding them on their journey towards healing and greater understanding and connectedness.
christin review
Christin Mellner
This has been a common theme for me throughout my journeys with Ayahuasca (and in life in general). Every time I think I know what needs to happen, something much better and more useful occurs. This was the case at Sinchi Runa. I was completely thrown off by not being able to control anything from the time I ate a meal to when the sessions were and everything in between. This was necessary to break down my barriers and begin the deeper work that can happen for me only in a place of letting go. Sanango and Mikaela are able to somehow figure out what each person needs on a personal level. From my first consultation it was like Sanango already knew what would happen and looking back on that meeting I can see with positivity that he is divinely guided. I cannot imagine a scenario where someone would leave after a dieta and not be changed for the better. Whether it feels good or not, the change deep in the structure of your soul is sure to bring true joy to any who seek to visit this special place...Oh and the food is incredible (after the dieta:))!
Norelle Adams
Unites States
No matter what it is you’re wanting to accomplish - what insights you’re looking to obtain, what issues you may think you have and need to dissolve - Sinchi Runa offers the expertise, setting, staff, and support to allow this to blossom in a unique manner that is catered to with patience, attention, care and love based on individual needs. The 30-day process was completely transformative, simply because I finally allowed it to be. It is with much gratitude towards Sanango, Mikaela, the staff, the jungle and plants, and “myself” that I write this. Out of truth and a genuine desire to assist the individual in assisting themselves, without any facade or hidden agenda, the holistic and all-encompassing nature of services provided by Sinchi Runa make it my only recommendation to others and personal choice for continued exploration of who we are. ❤
Anthony Chetta
United States
Sinchi Runa was my first experience with staying at a retreat center and work with the plant medicines and my self. For me it was very important that the shaman (Sanango) have a lot of experiences with his work and the place was peaceful and without too many people. I appreciated my first stay in the private room where it was important so seek inside and be silence. Not too much talking and more focus on one self. The friendly staff came always with fresh tasty healthy food and there was meditation and yoga which was optional. After 5 days it was time to go deeper into to jungle and stay in a secluded hut close to a beautiful river (Shamanic diet). It was so amazing to experience the changes within each day gives. It was like a dream to wake up each morning in this beautiful and relaxed jungle with the sounds from the birds and the other animals. The saunas with medicinal plants was really a lot of good experiences. Personally it boost my experience in total to a higher level. Sanango was may the best shaman you could expect as a first time seeker. His incredible wisdom, understanding and relaxing feeling about the present moment make everything so much brighter and easier. I like the combination with the Vedic philosophy. It helps me to get a better understanding. The place is so welcome and you already feel like a part of a new family from the entrance. So lovely. It was the best decision in my whole life. So if you want a beautiful life - this place is a good place to begin with. 🙂 Come, feel and experience the love. Namasté
Julian Brandt
I first came to Sinchi Runa in 2013 to do a shamanic diet, and it was a completely life changing experience thanks to the plants and their wisdom, but above all thanks to Sanango, the shaman, that guided my process to help me find my own truth. I've met many shamans and guru's in my life and it's not easy to meet someone that is really real, guiding through compassion and a higher understanding. I came back one year later for another diet and this April I visited the center for the third time. I'm usually very sceptic towards ayahuasca centers, especially since the tourism around this plant has increased and South America is full of insincere practice. I was lucky to find Sinchi Runa, it's is a place with real people that together with the shaman dedicate their lives to plant healing and the search for truth. This is not just a place where you go to have a one-time ayahuasca trip, actually, if that's what you're after you shouldn't come at all. Instead, Sinchi Runa offers a true healing journey through a higher understanding of yourself, the universe and the reality of the world. I highly recommend it to any true spiritual seeker!
Rebecka Carlén
Travel to Sinchi Runa at Moyobamba, Peru was a safe route. I have been at Sinchi Runa 3 Times. I am grateful to have found myself at Sinchi Runa. What I have discovered is the great Love and Truth that is within me. This truth that I speak of is all about me. I am grateful for being able to experience my natural essence. What I have found is a path of comfort knowing that nothing is happening and everything just is. I have learned many lessons on how to search the inner self. I have found how letting go of what does not serve you can be masked in our wounds. I am grateful for the Land and the Almond River that helped soothe me. For the butterfly that showed me patience as it practiced stretching its wings before a real flight. I am grateful for the Plants that were served and the diet that showed me humor in my mistakes. I am grateful for the vibrations of the forest and of the inner being. I am grateful for that unforgettable smile. I really love learning at Sinchi Runa. I am privileged to know such kind people who share the path with you as you discover yourself. Lots of Love, Peace, Light and Flow for letting go.
Unites States
Rated 5 stars not only for the wonderful experience, but the environment and compassionate nature of the the folks that make Sinchi Runa what it is...a place of self-discovery and understanding of this world. I didn't know what to expect going in, but once my treatment was completed, the results of the process was far more valuable and special than I could ever imagine. The first time I visited, I was in a pretty bad state in my life. I stayed a month, and came back to "my reality" with a sense of purpose and resilience to face almost any difficult situation life put in my way. I've just returned from my second visit to "check in", and now find myself aware of certain things in my life that I need to immediately change to live a more peaceful and authentic "me". Every time I visit Sinchi Runa, a layer of my "conditioned self" is revealed and I become a little more conscious of who I truly am. For all you truth seekers....this place is for you.
Arely Garcia
Arely Garcia
Unites States
This is written in the context of just vaguely summing what doing a year long process at Sinchi Runa has done for me, with an greater emphasis on before and after and the internal comprehension and healing I have personally and individually recieved. Its written as a sort of column for on my facebook so don't mind the formal writing style :)! So I am about to wrap up what has been the most incredible and difficult year of my life. Most of you, friends and family and a few people I've never met but are for some reason interested in my life via facebook (lol) have been able to follow my comings and goings through pictures with beautiful backdrops and scenery. But I wanted to say that those things are completely irrelevant and not of interest to me in comparison with the change thats happened within me. Most of this last year I've spent by myself, understanding myself. I decided to come do a 3 month healing process with ayahuasca and other plants to heal my life long depression, social anxiety, and escapism in all those crappy substances. RING A BELL? We all know THAT person or maybe are THAT person. You know, I lived my whole life feeling like nothing around me made sense, what is the reason for job, marriage, ambition...god being a big joke in this hurtful society where sensitivity is a weakness, where the bible and scriptural interpretations are repressing man and smearing our human collective and psyche with shame, guilt, unwarranted convitions and the UGLY mound of morality that no one can ever agree on because it goes against our nature that no one wants to even talk about. I mean why do the people who "love each other the most" in the world just shit on each other, wife/husband, mother/child etc. Relationship after relationship I thought "love" could heal all this discontentment and anger... It never worked. There was something very wrong and unfortunately I found no success or recognition in my ability to observe and contemplate the injustice and dysfunction of the world around me through my *unique* observational humor (Fingers are still crossed.) So being 24, angry (to an extent I then had no idea how deep, cause of course I think I would KNOW if I were angry ), jaded, hopeless, and recently "heart broken" ( <--- lol) I remember thinking what the hell, I'm so young, attractive, well liked (well...eh, when I wasn't being an intentional offensive asshole), funny, undenialbly intelligent, and naturally very loved by my friends and family. And yet I was the most miserable person I knew!! I mean MISERABLE and careless and just plain dark and dead feeling inside (and not the artsy fartsy "look at me I am so neurotic and contemplative messy, isn't my melancholic sadness attractive". So I arrived to Sinchi Runa feeling terrible. ~TeRrIbLe~ At this point, I had lost any interest or spark in/towards spirituality. I mean come on, Namaste and lotus flowers have become a fashionable social garment. Yoga only exists in photographs, wtf. "My name is now Dancing Sunbeam, Om Namah Shivaya in Sanskrit makes such a pretty upper back tattoo, look how liberated I am with my mala beads as a bracelet!" I wanted NOTHING to do with that (not that it didn't make for great comedic relief.) The fact that Rumi is the most read poet in the United States, this beyond beautiful god intoxicated sufi sage, reduced to really pretty "being in love" instagram caption quotes. What the heck. I had my first Ayahuasca session on New Year's Eve, my 25th birthday. I remember sitting there thinking "Oh, no. I am too dark and morbid for this. You don't know the terrible things that exist in my mind, I am going to end up in some hallucinatory pergatory type hell." I ended up being the one only in a room of 8 people laughing hysterically outloud the whole time, and I mean uncontrollable blissful giggling. Everything became so futile and ridiculous, like the universe pulled back some curtain and we shared a real good laugh together at the barbaric humorous efforts and theatric display of everything meaningless of humanity, yet this all seen and felt through myself. Laughing at the world but really we were laughing at ME!! I felt the beauty and energy of Buddha, Krishna, and Christ envelop my whole being and energy shot up my spine and held me up right through the top of my head. Then I started to become Buddha, Krishna, and Christ! The laughing turned into unutterable happiness and confusion. "Hey dudes, what are you even doing here sitting together in this weird cross legged fashion telling me (via pure feeling) that I am just like you. I felt so much love and amazement that night. Little did I know, I would not be having that same experience again, apparently there was much "work to do." The majority of my experiences, (now decided to be much longer than 3 months) have been HARD, looking at all the real, raw, "ugly" fear and pain that I've been covering up for the past 25 years, and the flood gates opened. When I found out I would be doing a spiritual "dieta" I was like, "umm NO, I literally cannot be alone." My first diet was 10 days alone, second diet was 20 days alone, I did a ten day liver flush completely alone, my third diet was 25 days alone, and my fourth was 10 days alone. Yes, in total I have spent over 70 days of this past year in complete isolation eating only clean rice, green plantains/yucca, without other human contact, music, toothpaste, shampoo, sugar, salt, or anything to distract myself from observing all the "ugly" and "pretty" thoughts, feelings, and emotions that exist within me. And only that. I have cried in ridiculous amounts, I have been pushed by my very strong ego into a corner and had to cover myself from the torturous blows of past and future. I have taken euphoric feeling plants and also plants that make me vomit, cry, and shit and yes many a times simultaneously. I have shit myself pretty much twice this year and have been not so gracefully humbled in every single way. I have fought hard to clear away the oppressor, judge, and dictator that exists within me. I have fought the momentum of thousands of years of social conditioning bearing all the dualities of pain and pleasure, happiness and sadness, ugly and pretty, and mostly right and wrong. I have had to stare all my greatest fears in the eye with no where to run and take cover. I have had to look at the inbalance of masculinity and femininity, the repression and shame attached to sexuality and gender, the love laws that MAN has created. I have laughed at how silly we all are. But more than anything else I've learned what "god" is not. And for me it is everything you think god is. I realized I have been creating god, when in all reality it is the unfathomable silence that exist in the heart, it is the balance of the natural world, it is the perfection of mans ability to heal and love. It is free from thought and exists outside of time and space and yet contains all that exists and could ever exists. It exists outside of sacred texts and philosphical intellectual discussion. It is recognized through feeling and emotion. And you are creating it. You are responsible for everything. Its the beauty of the birds and their songs, its purification and order, its the power behind choosing what truly serves you and what does not. And no one can show you this. It is formless love and compassion, it is the strength that exists to go beyond yourself. It is the beauty behind birth and death and it is the river that swallows everything and everyone. It is pure perfection and it is unknowable by the mind and thought. It is the dormant knowledge of the heart that awakens when you choose to heal and create a new reality of peace in your life. It is the strength and joy of man. So I have been broken down in every single way, my pride has been crushed and self importance displayed as the laughing stock of the whole world. And I tell you, I really know and understand nothing. I am writing this to tell you that NO, true spirituality isn't a trend and the criterion isn't linen pants and long hair. Spirituality to me, is a movement. It is an individual movement through life, it is creating the greatest reality you can dream of and you are its artist. It is a solitary journey with yourself through the pain of duality, it is the strength to go through your own personal hell. It is only kindness, personal responsibility and it exists outside of books and images. It is your weird awkward dorky uniqueness. It is all your greatest capabilities. I write this because I don't care anymore about all the walls that exists between me and you. Because I feel for you, and I feel it too. Because no one is talking about our ugliness and our sadness and our unanswered questions about why are things the way they are. Because we live in a world where we kill sensitivity and imagination, where we breed sterile child. And so this years closes the chapter of the last 25 years of my life and opens a new one and I have no idea what it entails. I think that the intelligent life of plants, ayahuasca, san pedro, peyote, kambo, tobaco ETC. have what humanity needs right now to heal itself. So if anyone is interested for themselves or for that certain weird loved one that is "way too smart for their own good" yet cant realize their own brilliance and potential, in what a journey with the plants and solitude is just let me know and I can get you all the information you need. No, ayahuasca is NOT a shallow "cool" visionary hallucinatory experience. Its not seeing green cactus men and ancient mayan priests. Its not something you can look up on youtube and anyone that says they can explain ayahuasca and what happens in a session, really doesn't know. It's a portal to higher elevated levels of consciousness that varies depending on what each person needs to heal itself. It cannot be touched by mind because it is beyond mind. Its is a healer, teacher, and warrior against ignorance. It can be unimaginably beautiful like nothin you have ever experience, and it can be a purging like a spiritual death completely burning away your ego, and let me tell you, dat shit is NOT fun. But its beautiful, because the best things in life come after the hard painful stuff ya know? I think we all know how that works by now. Obviously, I want to thank Sinchi Runa for everything. But I don't have to use words because it is the stuff that is beyond language. I want to thank my family for loving me and supporting me through my trainwreck of a life (sorry mom.) Thank you weirdos, dorks, nerds and freaks for being the ones to keep this world fresh and unique. You truly hold the torch of light through this grim messy existence. I SEE YOU.
Paige Fletcher
United States
I am eternally grateful to you and the cosmos for having intervened in such magical ways in my being, I hope to return at some point and I know that it will be, to make a treatment longer so we'll see each other in the future; It's Now.
David Trigueros
Costa Rica
I don't have words to describe the depth of gratitude I feel for this very special time in my life and the life changing journey they have guided me on. Sinchi Runa is a truly magical place, every part of the centre and the process, even the tough parts, envelop you with the love, connectedness, and the truths of these beautiful beings - thank you Sanango, Guillermo, Mikaela for all your love, your bright light and your guidance. Sanango is an incredible healer, full of love, compassion, and truth. You feel immediately his thousands of years of wisdom and deep connection to the Universe, it is truly an honour and a pleasure to be in his presence. He has such a deep understanding of every being, I feel that he sees all of my layers and right into my soul. I am certain he knows and understands me more than I do. His way is beautiful - deep, direct and honest communication, and also a lightness that heals and means it's difficult not to smile in his presence 🙂 His icaros are so powerful, it is a real and humbling honour to journey with Sanango, and he is ever present for each participant in the sessions, and throughout the dieta, really it is something very incredible to experience this. I feel deeply blessed to have received so many gifts during my dieta and through the sessions. Sanango and Guillermo and these incredible plants have helped me to move through fears, suffering, and thoughts that have kept me stuck for years. Making the dieta with them has been so much more than I could have ever hoped or imagined. I have experienced healing at such a profound level, they have reached places in me that I thought were unreachable. They have guided me on a journey of self love and acceptance. And what followed were the most beautiful truths, the cracking open of my heart, and finding myself open as the Universe, and discovering a deep trust in the Universe. I feel this is what I have been looking for my whole life and I am so full of gratitude to have found it here. These gifts are so precious, I feel different, my whole life feels different. My senses are more awake then ever before, I feel I have emerged from under a cloud, I am more aware, more present, I listen more fully, I feel more clarity in my mind, I can hear my heart clearly and communicate with self honesty and integrity. I feel such bliss and peace within, and have found complete trust in the Universe. I can rest back into this trust completely and I am eternally grateful for such a depth of healing. That this change can come about in such a short time feels like a miracle and is testament to the incredible work happening at Sinchi Runa - they are changing lives every day, I am in awe of their work. If you feel any fear or any self doubt, I urge you to put it aside and step into probably the most important journey you will ever make, a journey full of magical moments and insight. Come with no expectations for there is nothing to compare, and trust completely in the process and guidance of these beautiful souls. I feel so humble and honoured to have been able to be here at Sinchi Runa for my dieta with so much care and love from these beautiful people - my deepest thanks always. Mil mil gracias Sanango, Guillermo, Mikaela, Eric, Jesus, for everything, and to Liam for his beautiful presence, it has been such a pleasure to share this time with you all. And mil mil gracias to the plants, to Madre Ayahuasca, to the magical Chiric Sanango, to these beautiful gifts from Pachamama and the Universe - thank you. I am already looking forward to my next diet.
Emma Dibben
Emma Dibben
Om Namaste. Center is wonderful. Treatment plan effective.The environment is perfect for learning and healing. Where silence is well respected and the sounds of the birds are healing ingredients. Shamanic Diet well respected. Ceremonies are learning environments and hosted with indigenous pracctices. I learned many things while at the center for 13 days. Healing was the main objective. Release from suffering and connect back to your healthy being and nature. Master plants used have intelligence to share. I love Guatemala and found the trip to the center from the city safe and secure. I would recommend this center to all. Heal from within and may the child inside of you come out to play and learn. I hope to return soon. Peace and Joy be with you all.
United States
I have known for some time that I was supposed to take the medicine. And like most intuitions I was naturally guided and with gratitude landed in the beautiful place that is Sinchi Runa. I've met a handful of Shamans in my short time on this earth. However, none have come close to having the amiable essence in which Sanango exuberated. There are a few rare people with whom you can look in the eye and immediately you know, that they know. They have come into contact with and are holding inside of themselves great truths. These truths are profound beyond words and so only their eyes can really tell you. Their eyes tell you that they know. When I looked into Sanango's eyes, I knew he knew. Never with either of these beautiful people did I feel judged or uncomfortable. It was easy to tell them the truths of my life both the beautiful and the ugly. If I only got to meet them and share our conversations I believe I still would have left a happy and more knowledgable person. However, my blessings went beyond this and I was able to take part in a ceremony with these two lovely souls. Throughout the entire process I felt guided, held and supported. I never felt a moment of fear or doubt. I had come to trust fully in them as my guides and they most certainly did not fall short. The understanding that I received from the ceremony is indescribable. It was as though I had been analyzing myself with a flashlight all of my life and now suddenly the light shone down and I was clearly able to make proper connections. Connections, that I had been trying for so long to make and only with the medicine was able to really do. I am forever grateful to Sinchi Runa and to the mother plant for all of the gifts that they have brought me. I look forward to returning as soon as I can.
Artemis testimonial
I am going to give my first testimony here, I say the first since I am going to follow a treatment and surely at the end of it I want to leave another one. I came to you with great anguish and depression after the end of a relationship that I thought was everything for me and without which I did not find any sense in my life. You have the last moment before going to the center I had my doubts but at the same time I said to myself that I am going to make antidepressants and walk like a sombi all day? , in the previous interviews with Sanango via tel. or email and something told me inside that I was right but good the cabezita plays with the prejudices of the society in which we move and makes you think again and again. Upon arrival and meeting Sanango what most caught my attention was his permanent state of good humor something that in my state at times made me feel the impatience and the desire to tell you that you laugh haha... What struck me the most was that in his previous talk he decided to treat my case as an addiction I accepted it without hesitation but my head was a whirlwind of doubts, questions etc. , I will not describe the 10 days I was there because it would be very long and monotonous I will simply say that his diagnosis was the right one and I checked every day and to this day that the 2 ayahuasca shots I took fulfilled their assignment and let me see what I needed to see and understand that I am at the beginning of a process everything I had previously read, including testimonies from other people, none of them even resemble what I experienced because each Being finds what my burden of pain was very heavy and the necessary has been lightened, each experience is personal and surely those who arrive more light of luggage will have a much higher contact with the plant and its process I am calm living this moment of opening and change for me that much I had searched and could not find the way. Realizing that one has lived a wrong life or the life of another or others is not easy to assume but once this is recognized and having a lot of openness and faith, things start to flow differently. The diets purges and isolation in these cases are those that require greater willpower in my case was an extra fee because I live surrounded by food and I was a spoiled since I was small that only ate what I wanted but the satisfaction of reaching the final and see that you did it and the benefits it brings are tremendously comforting I had never given myself the time to be with myself and although it was not an easy task if I feel it is tremendously necessary. Finally, I would like to say that this is a completely personal healing experience. It is a change of vision and understanding of the world in which we live. It is a direct spiritual connection with the Universe. The guidance and understanding of Sanango is fundamental. I could never have done it alone or in the hands of any person or shaman I just let myself be carried away by an instinct and I am tremendously grateful for it. Nor is it something I can recommend to anyone I could simply give my opinion if they ask me because I understand that each Being comes to his time and walk in different ways and in different manifestations but ultimately we are all going to a change of consciousness to a meeting with God and all the forces of the Universe to live a full life without fears without prejudices without limitations. So nothing more than to thank Sinchi Runa and the power of this wonderful plant that has opened the doors of understanding. A huge hug and we will continue seeing !!!!!
Gabriel Freire
I came to the session in desperation. I was lost and sick. I wanted two questions asked, \"Who am I and what is my purpose?\" These questions were answered. I\'m very honored to have been given the chance to experience what true, divine love is. It\'s my hope that I\'ll be able to share this knowledge with the rest of the world, so that everyone can feel love. Thank you! - Love is the answer.
Michael Sieler
Upon receiving the elixir, the spirit of the Ayahuasca and feeling its * mariri * its power and wisdom, I understood what people describe as the vibrating energy, the vibrations beyond the corporal and physical, I opened my chakras completely and felt, I perceived. I saw what I call the Cosmic Serpent, a spirit full of inscriptions and incredible colors that entered right through the middle of my body to give me the power, the wisdom and expand my vision, my concept, my understanding of the cosmos and its energies. In it the strength and wisdom of the universe is charged, and what is divine is the perfect key to open the heavenly dimensional doors. 2 weeks after the session I realized this is called * kundalini *, which is incredible to have witnessed for myself, to have felt from my flesh and bones, in my spirit, in my soul and the infinite of the universe this incredible opening of my being and all the dimensions of the most sacred gods. I admire the icaros of the Sanango Shaman, the call to all the spirits of the light of the universe, keeping this icaro in my head * Danos the forza de todu el universu *, incredibly magical could and powerful in pure essence. The icaros with their sweet essence, full and complete wisdom, beyond any plane of existence, beyond the infinite itself. To thank from the depths of my soul the Shaman Sanango that blows the protective spirit of tobacco and awakens my consciousness, awakens my Ajna, my third eye, decodes exactly the locks of my subconscious and connects the deepest part of my being, the chakra of my heart, in perfect harmony to absorb pure wisdom and extend my senses to a more sacred space where the one is not the most important thing, the important thing is we all as commuted energy, for the balance of each particle of the universe. I thank you Mother Ayahuasca for teaching me at every moment, for guiding me with Sanango and his great, noble, peaceful and wise spirit in my astral journey, for letting us meet and know each other to learn from each other and to extend an inexplicably pure relationship towards an eternity of knowledge to come, waiting for its precise moment to open its petals and bloom as the lotus flower in each of our beings. Thank you, thank you, big hug, we will soon meet again in the universe.
Roberto C.S
Costa Rica
I AM full of Gratitude for such a transformational healing. Most impacting for me was the process of healing and its lasting effects on my mind and soul. The soundtrack and/or music that we journeyed with, was transcendental in scope and epic in the inner changes I'm still experiencing. Thank you for a most beauteous experience which has altered me; permanently or forever. For those interested in Spiritual Healing and Soul Cleansing...I've just returned from a life-saving journey! This journey healed my Heart, Soul and Spirit from trauma of 2011! Still preparing for the Great Shift and I'm going back for more!
Sai Luz Alvarez
the univers and my parents have given me the present of life. there is endless option to understand what is this present of life, i decided to add to this gift few others. the gift of understanding. the gift of passion.the gift of faith.the gift of trust ,,and love, and gifts,,u can get them ,take them,and receive them,,,deepens of how u understand life,,, i walk in the path,little by little,between one drop of water to the other between sunset to sunset, between miracle to miracle, there are few moments in my life i know for sure will stay with me forever,few moments i know there was wings of angles surrounding me and showing me the way,,making sure i will b able to c a big present is coming in to my life... meeting the mother of truth was one of thous moment i dont know yet what was stronger. meeting her or meeting Sanango. but i don't think its meter couse in the end it is all one i just feel grateful and lucky that i had the privilege to share this experiences with this special sinchi runas.. worriers of light of love and understanding its in our hart. we can keep it num or wake this love to life i felt i want to wake up as i said,,my parent gave me the present of life, i feel i owe then to make my life the best i can it was the first step
Infinite gratitude and love for all that I have encountered on this beautiful journey - with excitement for what the future holds. I invite you to awaken your heart and shine. \"She is the daughter of chaos Born of star material Fire and Ice, sounds and fury Alchemical green and blue matter Orange red magma spewing passionate heat Steam beginnings A universal elixir of life Never still, always in motion Changing, growing, dying, rebirthing Shape shifting, dreaming, and imagining She will always be, in some form or another She may shake us off and begin again She may shape herself so that the Paradise lost, will be found again But lately in her perfect thunder mind Something magical and vital is stirring Her dreams have been infused with Unusual entanglements of ideas Exotic possibilities of thought Never before felt Bubbling up from the heart of her heart.\" -A Creation Story, Denise Kester
Ayahuasca center testimonial Sinchi Runa
Hillary Mefferd
United States
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