The Beliefs of Humanity

“There is an animal called the elephant, which has no desire to copulate  … The dragon wishes the death of the elephant,  because his blood, which is cold, turns off the heat of the burning poison of the dragon. So, the dragon lurks where two roads divert and where is known of elephants passing by, and with his tail curls the elephant thigh and is pressed with such strength, that falls to the ground, killing him then.”

The Medeival Bestiary, Elephant

elephant believes of humanity

Humanity has built up knowledge over time and has always felt a great advancement. Today is perceived as having defeated the dark medieval beliefs as related in the Bestiary books that is a kind of animal Life Encyclopedia of that time. In a time like this that many choose to call “postmodern”, “space age”, “cyber age”, “new age”, “awakening of consciousness”, etc. We wonder… Have we really entered another era? Are we beings who understand something of our nature and the future? Have we changed our belief systems? Or are we still living full of mythological stories that help us explain the universe we don’t know, so we can “understand” and need these stories to not be afraid? Perhaps technology is helping us to settle our comprehension of the fables that we set our belief system upon, so they can be less dislocated as to the material nature of the planet. Nevertheless, it does not mean that we are not going to keep on believing nonsense things.

As a child I received Catholic religion classes and monotheism, it was explained as the progress towards the truth. We were taught that it was a kind of awareness of humanity, of the existence of one God. They were identified as the most advanced civilizations those who had left the pantheism or beliefs in the forces of nature to believe in one anthropomorphic God. Judaism, Christianity and even now the demonized Muslims were seen as living in the truth and in the light of the creator of the universe. In other words, I had the opportunity to live in an era of spiritual advancement and luckily in the right group. America had been “discovered” and its inhabitants were put online with the only God and savior. No one spoke about the genocide of millions of Americans in the name of ignorance and not to mention the stupid arrogance to think that someone “discovered” the continent where there were advanced civilizations with concepts of the existence and the universe that Europe never imagined as possible and never came to comprehend.

However I think we live in a fiction thinking that we have always possessed the truth. We believe we are spiritually more advanced than primitive civilizations of America. Five thousand years ago in Caral (pre Inca city in Peru) there were collective meditations for manifesting the good of the community. The Vedas in India believed in enlightenment through comprehension as human destiny, they had knowledge of quarks and photons as components of matter. These cultures like many others had a comprehension of energy that we do not possess now. We might think that humanity has being declining their level of comprehension for some time, as a kind of chaos that has lasted over 5000 years. Five hundred years ago we were burning wise men and women after accusing them of witches only to defend the faith of a God who calls for compassion. What kind of compassion do we comprehend then if we still have faith in such dogmas?

Today we are killing and dying in the name of truth fearing of angry gods that punish and condemns. In Middle Eastern religious wars don’t leave truce and although we are no longer burning “heretics” publicly anymore, we are in greater suffering in proportion of the population that we have now in the world, perhaps with fewer spectacles and seemingly less grotesque. The fact is that we have not grown in tolerance or comprehension. The man sitting in front of a computer has the same explanation of the universe, the same fears and the same anxieties in his heart than the Hebrews that were escaping from the Egyptians thousands of years ago.

At the time that Columbus “discovered” America and the Western world expanded we allegedly started the modern age. When Europeans knew that the earth was round… did we no longer thought of Monsters that were waiting for us at the end of the sea or we just replaced them with new monsters and new frontiers? Did we really enter a new era? Are we wiser today as humanity? Do we have less fear? Do we hate less? Or, do we have new monsters and actually follow the same game for thousands of years ago?

Our imagination and our anthropocentrism makes us believe that we are lucky to live a brighter era because we “discovered” that the earth was round, for sending a spacecraft to the moon, or maybe because we can remove millions of people with only a push of a button. It gives us the idea that somehow we comprehend energy and that only, would consider itself definitely a breakthrough. But have we really comprehended energy? Do we believe that energy and matter are distinct in our thought process? Or do we know from heart that matter is only an expression of energy? Nikola Tesla knew this over a hundred years ago. Tesla was fascinated by radiant energy and its potential to become free. Tesla knew it was possible to harness energy directly by “connecting to the true force of nature.” The Earth ship needed a modern flight plan. Tesla wanted to help underprivileged nations; He knew that thousands of people were dying of hunger every day and many of them children, a bit like what is happening in our present age for some postmodernists.

A civilization is not a civilization if it’s based on the misery of millions to support the individual interests of a few.  We are not civilized if knowledge is use to manipulate and is below comprehension. The energy and telecommunications companies seem to need wires eternally, making them in large companies with monumental infrastructure and ridiculous costs. The combustion engine keeps expelling gases to the atmosphere and moves billions from oil along with wars and genocides defending this outdated form of energy. All this could have been overcome long ago if science really was at the service of humanity and not for the wealth accumulation of a few. Riches that ultimately are only numbers of gazillion of dollars in a bank that can never be spend in hundreds of lives.

We have the strange thought to think that there may be life on other planets. There are some who dare to think so, but the only occurrence that there is only life and consciousness in earth should give us light of our lack of comprehension of the cosmos. Is like the reasoning of a fish that tries to understand the ocean where he lives and denies everything that he cannot perceive. And still, we continue to believe in the great development of human consciousness. There is no development of consciousness without realizing that our thought system is based only on a basic observation of a limited form of perception. There is no development in consciousness if we don’t integrate from heart the truths that we have comprehended. This is the only true real change. A change in our essence, a change in how we see and do things. A change to dare to seek the truth beyond our beliefs and paradigms.

If some kind of extraterrestrial civilization were to contact us, would they notice our progress? In the perspective we see it, to go around the glove in our small planet, going to the moon, to explode huge poisonous artifacts, to communicate with frequency devices that pollute our own. Maybe they just could think that we have very rare habits.

But if they ask… If we really understand the theory of evolution? If we understand the nature of thought, mind and spirit? If we already understand energy? If we understand the universe from that perspective? If we already see more of what our basic senses perceive? And what if they saw our schools, they would be frightened of the useless thinking methodology which we condemn our children to grow with, teaching them what to believe in with repetitive behavioral methods of “teaching”, turning them into slaves of a narcissist system.  They would be frightened of millions starving and dying of thirst while artifacts for destruction are made and whose annual cost could eliminate poverty in the entire world for decades. They would shudder seeing every aesthetic idea about human “beauty” and the mutilations on her behalf. Maybe they would be marvel that we are still clinging to myths and beautiful translations of the universe, childlike and candid, but also very impact to see that we found atomic energy and use it to kill thousands of human beings. They would be marvel by us, not for our wisdom, but for our dramatic contradictions.

They would conclude that we are still dominated by primitive thought feeling like owners of the truth, believing in ridiculous gods who judge and condemn, still justifying everything with unbeatable beliefs that marginalize and exclude the comprehension or understanding of other human beings, and other intelligences and realities. That we still discard everything we cannot understand and refuse to comprehend. They would clearly see that our thoughts and actions are still products of fear following the same mechanics of true and false, sorting and labeling. In short, they would conclude that we are prisoners of reason behind the bars of fear to freedom.

What advancements could we really say that we have had as humanity? Realizing that we have not advance at all perhaps, or we could say that now that we are all connected by the internet with the possibility of losing human touch, shutting further in our cement boxes and living a digital life completely cold and way more illusory than the one we are living. Could be only that our progress? Could it be that all we have done is to be distracted all this time playing to not really see how empty and disoriented we are? Have we done all this to prove that we can be God? As humanity we will keep on being distracted continuing enlarging our egos with inventions and stories that make us believe that we are evolving, otherwise we would not believe that we have evolved so far. But the truth is that we are seeing and reacting like thousands of years ago, still blinded by our ideas and beliefs.

The belief systems that has been ingrained upon humanity are paradigms that bring us closer to suffering and these ranges from the pursuit of reason with classificatory systems of thought, to the idea that the universe can be observed from our basic senses by the mere observation of matter.  Not to mention the religious dogmas and the paralysis that involves the belief that cultural knowledge can replace direct experience.

The possibility to get out of suffering is by decoding or removing all information that clings us to useless arguments that come from paradigms and beliefs. Decoding could be a very difficult task and it can be an exercise of a lifetime. However, it is the most incredible unimaginable adventure. In the extent that we are decoding what we think we are, we will discover what we really are and we will be removing the veil of beliefs towards a new life based on the truth.

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