The Image of Love

Conflict is born fundamentally by two causes, the first of them is by image and the second one is by comparison. Image is basically the idea we have developed about ourselves and everyone else. These images are in the world of thought, therefore are incomplete. Thought depends from knowledge and therefore the images that we produce are subjective since we cant know it all. The images are produced according to the country, society and family that we belong and are molded with the suffering and experience or knowledge that they come with. In the end, we end up thinking in base of our knowledge and our known parameters. Since we have sacralized thought and the thinker as the standards of our culture, the image that is produced is considered fruit of reason and we accept it as truth. Nevertheless, we don’t consider that we are imprisoned by our thought and therefore image turns out to be only an idea.

We see not only with our eyes, but with our thoughts. We set aside from the world to observe it, considering that our thoughts can decode everything. We give judgments of value and classification. Thoughts come from past experiences and suffering and we limit ourselves by interpreting everything with our thoughts. They are based in the factual knowledge, we end up interpreting with the past all that is happening in the present and this is a thought mechanism that we blindly believe in. In reality, our way of thought is only classifying and forming images, without seeking any real comprehension. We don’t consider ourselves part of everything. We believe that we are inserted in this reality that we interpret and consequently we codify with images thet we perceive and this is without comprehending reality with wisdom and love. If we could live without the images, pre judgments and classifications, we could see any present phenomena with freedom and compassion.

Conflict happens simply when someone or something attacks our image that we consider as truth. In the case of our “Beloved” partners, this image is taken for granted since our thoughts have given us reasons to love. If someone or something contradicts this image, we will take a great deal of suffering. We will feel betrayed and manipulated for fabricating that image. At the end, this image was fabricated by our own idea and need of security. The issue is that we do not see that love cannot come from our thoughts, but from compassion that comes with comprehension. And since we haven’t translated love as comprehension and compassion, we are just loving an image. We are loving what we have learned to see in others or what we have recreated of them. We are not loving them, we are only pleasing ourselves when it coincides with our image. This type of “love” becomes a selfish act without transcendence. If we really loved without image and thought, but with heart, compassion and comprehension, we would not need of others to correspond to our ideas. We wouldn’t feel hurt either since the wounds from others are because they hurt the image and concept we have of ourselves. We also would not fall in the famous comparison that most of the times hurts, since without image there wouldn’t be anything to compare with.

To comprehend reality we cannot be imprisoned by our thoughts and images. We have to drain the mind of the written codes of our existence (books, teachers, religion, etc.) We need to empty some space in order to fill it up with love and understandment. The trick is to be able see with comprehension, compassion and true love. If we cannot comprehend someone else, we cannot love them. We are just idealizing this person with an image and comparing it with what we want from that person. We are giving pleasure to our ego by enforcing our concepts and ideas, but we don’t love. We only please ourselves.

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