Guidelines, Terms and Conditions

Solitude and Silence

Silence, solitude and introspection are important factors going into a process such as this. Through these we are able to build the foundation that allows us to wholeheartedly open up, tune in and listen to what is truly happening within ourselves without the natural tendency to self-distract. We are able to face and go beyond the unnerving restlessness that pulls our attention in so many different directions. Through silence, we are able to experience life through a raw, unique, naked and healing presence. We arrive to the stillness and harmony of nature; reconnecting with the natural and loving movement of pure presence. We are able to open up and finally come into direct intimacy with life itself. In order for this to happen, each person needs a space that completely nurtures their own reconnection with themselves without the distraction or preoccupation of what is happening outside of them.

To honor, protect and respect the participants and the work with the plants, in the case one interferes with the space or silence of another participant while he or she undergoing a plant diet/shamanic diet, one will be required to leave the retreat without receiving a refund. 

Commitment to the healing process

The mission of Sinchi Runa is to simply serve truth with love and we ask that you come with respectful understanding and genuine dedication to your own process. In order to do this, you should understand that there may be times that this may not be comfortably pleasing to the ego.

Our role is not to cater to, satisfy, or fulfill egoic desires or expectations. This would only prove to be compromising and weakening to the process.  It is important that you understand that there may be moments when both physical and psychological challenges appear, which requires your sincere dedication and commitment. We serve by holding a safe and loving space for you to deeply live and feel your wounds and fears so that they can be transmuted and healed. Challenges and inner conflicts may appear. Therefore, we ask you to understand that a genuine process with master plants is not only a pleasant and joyful journey but that it often involves deep and sincere shadow work.

This is a delicate and challenging healing work that requires proper closing and harmonization. We therefore ask you to consider deeply your readiness before committing to the process.

Relationships, sexuality and energy protection

The work of the master plants is a continuous reorchestration of energies; these energies often leave you open, vulnerable, susceptible, and with heightened sensitivity. This sensitivity is vital for the healing process so that you can open up and listen to the plants and universe. It allows the flow of higher understanding and healing to move without disturbance. This requires a safe and protected space of introspection and silence. Lessening both verbal and physical contact allows you to summon and utilize your energy in a way that is conducive to the healing work of the plants.

During your process you must abstain from any kind of sexual interaction with others and with yourself, as well as any intimate close physical contact. This is not a moral rule, but based in the knowledge of this delicate work. After the process, all social and sexual relationships can go on as normal.

Food restrictions

Working with master plants requires a special and specific diet. The food we serve is in accordance with this.  It is strategically served at predetermined times to ensure the safe and effective intake of the master plants and the participation in purges and ceremonies. We ask you to not bring any outside food or snacks; only eating the meals provided at the retreat.

Use of electronic devices and communication

Electronic devices and communication through telephones and internet is not compatible with the plant work. Upon arrival, we will ask for all electronic devices; storing them safely until the end of your process.

We provide all contact information needed for family, friends, and loved ones. We will happily be in correspondence with whomever is concerned to ensure that you are are safe and well.

Drugs, medicines, vitamins and natural supplies

No drugs, medicines, vitamins or natural supplements may be brought to the retreat without first consulting us in order to know that they are safe and compatible with the plants. We are working with strong yet delicate plants that demand the importance of your transparency to assure that you have a safe and healing process.

Cosmetics and toiletries

We ask you to not wear cosmetics or jewelry during your process. Only bringing natural toiletries with weak or no odor that do not interfere with the work of the plants or contaminate the natural surroundings.

Payment and Refunds

In order to reserve your space for one of our retreats we ask for a deposit payment of 50% of the full cost of the retreat. We will ask for the remainder of the full cost two weeks before the start of the retreat.

The payment is refundable up to a month before the retreat begins, except from a processing fee of €150 euros. In the case of illness or any other circumstance that prevents you from coming to the retreat, we cannot guarantee the money back, but we will always offer you the opportunity to participate in future retreats upon availability.

If you require other conditions than these, please let us know before making the payment and we will see what we can do.

Participation in Ayahuasca Ceremonies are Voluntary and Free of Charge

The payment for the retreat is for accommodation, food, facilitators and people working to create a healing and life changing experience. Sinchi Runa does not charge for the Ayahuasca medicine itself. Participation in ceremonies are voluntary and free of charge. Sinchi Runa is offering a space where Ayahuasca can be experienced in a safe, therapeutic and sacred context. Each participant is responsible for their own cup of Ayahuasca, from the brewing process to the ingestion of the medicine.

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