Healing with Ayahuasca

Healing with Ayahuasca is not a magic act as many believe. Ayahuasca is a tool or a technology of consciousness that needs a guide or shaman who has the knowledge and necessary skills to be properly applied and taken. For a deep healing and real integration of what one can comprehend in a session, it is essential to make a road or therapy with shamanic diets and Ayahuasca sessions with an experienced guide or shaman who can assist in the journey. The internal work with Ayahuasca requires much dedication and faith. It is not something that is taken lightly and definitely not something to play with. The purity which one approaches the sessions reflects the level of healing and compassion one receives from the universe.

An Ayahuasca session begins when one makes the decision to take Ayahuasca. The motivations that leads to this type of access are different; seeking healing from a physical or emotional problem, to expand ones knowledge or to understand the subtle world and the dynamics of the cosmos. Most likely that the decision was made in a search process of awakening framed in a crisis that can be considered a spiritual emergency, a physical or mental illness. Not realizing that is a calling from the cosmos, an opportunity which one has to approach with great respect, pureness of heart and truth.

The decision to take an entheogen in the eyes of one who believes in causality is already an entry to this form of knowledge. Coincidence does not exist and mostly is the higher self of the person who seeks this kind of understanding. Ayahuasca is a tool, part of a technology that has somehow survived in the Amazons to give humanity an awakening or a chance to open their hearts. Like any entheogen, its effectiveness depends on the origin, the context and the level of comprehension of the guide or shaman.

It is very easy to fall into self-deception, as to believe that only the drinking itself of the plant is an opportunity for enlightment.  Whoever approaches the plant can also fall into the hands of self-deception by “guides” or so called “shamans” who sell Ayahuasca online or that learned “shamanism” through book and online sites seeking only to strengthen their egos.

 It depends on us, on our real intention to heal, on our pureness of heart, our strength for self-confrontation and the compassion of the universe for one to approach the truth of what this really means.     

There are many important energetic factors to be taken into account. It all starts with brewing the plants in the Amazon and brought with great respect under certain rules and care for the session, as it is considered sacred. Nobody really respects this opportunity if they sell Ayahuasca to someone who does not know personally as a professional guide, and no one would ever think the irresponsible act of encouraging people to take Ayahuasca alone, or as crazy enough to assume himself as a guide without doing any healing process and prior path of comprehension. Facts which unfortunately are happening in some parts of the world on the basis of ignorance and stupidity. The source of Ayahuasca and its preparation method is basic considering the type of intentions and plants used in its preparation. Let along the context in which is taken and the guide or shaman who is leading the session.

The real guide or shaman has developed a technology or comprehend it through a life path disciple of many years, with numerous sessions and transpersonal experiences that taught him how to be a link or a channel of energies or entities in a session.  He reaches a frequency that allows a connection with the gods and protects the session of subtle elements that can be dangerous for those in the circle. Before entrusting ones subtle body in a session, we have to make sure that the guide or shaman has a respectable journey with the entheogen. Doing an Ayahuasca session should be with someone who will inspire trust and confidence, one has to feel the calling in his heart in order to do so.

A session of Ayahuasca is a sacred act. For a proper intake is necessary to conduct a basic diet 3 to 5 days prior the session and a “purge” or preparation one or two days before. The purge is a process that helps to open, clean and harmonize the main energy points of the body or chakras. The purge is “the road to Santiago” or “pilgrimage” to be next to the gods or to know their world. Skipping these steps is not giving real hue to a session and would become an act of “shamanic tourism” without healing character or reality. A real session has a limited group of 6-8 participants and follows rules of conduct that provides the necessary structure of comprehension, humility and respect that is required in order to heal. The session itself is a serious act of infinite love and compassion. We can feel the truth of the act if we see the guide seeking to awaken a process of understanding. The real guide looks only compassion and truth in the Ayahuasca, not power. This is something you feel in your heart, it’s not a posture held by image, but a real search for the truth.

The session starts with a ritual in which the guide or shaman with energy or singing Icarus invokes the entities to which it is connected to “wake up” the Ayahuasca, provide him with the energy of the forest and cause the entity of the Mother Ayahuasca to transmute into the drink. This ritual can only be done by one who has being allowed by the forest entities and one who has talked to the plants and who knows the entity of the Ayahuasca to produce the alchemy of this sacred act. Also no one can “chant” to it if he has not being initiated and who does not understand the subtle world. Chanting is part of reaching a comprehension, a vibration and not a circus act as some “Ayahuasqueros” seems to understand. Ayahuasqueros that play in the misery of the ego and that are betraying the opportunity of awakening for humanity and thereby achieving a level of infestation that is spread by all who attend to be part of this sacrilege.

Having invoked the entities, a circle of protection is formed and each participant will be named to the intake. Each one approaches with respect and then returns to his place to wait for the effect. In total darkness and silence, the singing of Icarus and mantras begin and along the journey to the interior or the cosmos. Journey that is directed towards comprehending what does not belong to us and healing it or resisting to it painfully which is manifested in physical discomfort. Either way, the healing begins.

During the session, it can be that the guide or shaman through inspiration approaches someone to perform a healing. The shaman during the session is the mediator between the subtle world and the world as we know it. It is a form of channel where the participant manages to enter into higher frequencies to which the shaman comprehends and it’s able to share. No one can take anyone where one does not know. Everyone lives their corresponding experience within their universe according to their level of comprehension. Everyone is healed and harmonized correspondently. Each has opened up their lives and their eternal existence to the wisdom and reality. What everyone comprehends having a direct experience with their higher self, consciously or unconsciously, has no words to be described. The awakening or the process of remembering has begun.

Once the session is closed by the guide or shaman, participants seek an explanation within rational thought of what just happened. The wonder becomes inexpressible for what happened in their souls, only with recollection of smiles, returning to innocence, all before the universe and the inexplicable.

For various reasons having to do with the mercy of God, each of us came to this encounter. The shaman or guide has been prepared long for this moment through many lives; he has been gathering information and comprehension of the cosmos that are functional at the time of the session, seeking to meet the souls called to fulfill his dharma. Participants came with their characters, situations, suffering, memories of the cosmos, wisdom contained in their bodies, their hopes of understanding and healing. Everyone in the session came for a reason that it might be understood at the end or in later existences. Maybe it will not be understood in that same instant or in this form of consciousness. The energy of each one was required for the internal family order of each other and furthermore, for the learning of the human species.

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