The magic happens through the process

“One who places all hopes in a session for a change of life, is like one who prays to a god for aid without acting accordingly so that the aid is a natural consequence.”


There is a tendency to believe that the so-called master plants and / or entheogens operate as a kind of elixir or panacea. It is aid that a single session is equivalent to 30 years of psychotherapy and perhaps their has been such a radical transformation; However, based on our experience of life and work, we believe that the healthiest and most efficient approach, is to see master plants as healing tools, in a holistic treatment, in a continuous therapy, with perennial spiritual work and not as magical outbursts, but under a karmic and logical casuistry.

The opportunity of entheogens as Ayahuasca, Iboga, Psilocybin, Peyote, etc.. is linked to the Inner work through holistic therapeutic techniques or a serious spiritual work. We understand spirituality as deep inner work of healing and awareness of self. It is serious work that requires a profound observation of the mind to demystify paradigms and cultural programs. The need to go through a healing process is eminent to make a real change in life through the use of entheogens and really seize this opportunity . Real change is not only at the level of our mental or physical health, it is the beginning of a way of comprehension that initiates a process of constant search and evolution.

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Western culture is characterized by different religious magical ideas, visions of substantiated entities that judge, punish and are fully responsible for human life. Concepts of divinity that removes the responsibility of the circumstances of each one. There is also the Western interpretation of the original culture of each master plant that encloses a tool for liberation in a cultural perspective which is obviously limited by its own vision. Seeking to embed beliefs of the noble savage in a Christian pasteurization of the indigenous healer, claiming to possess the “right” use to monopolize access.

These western views have built beliefs from ideas with magical healing potions, miraculous shamans, expectations of immediatists changes and even concepts vindicating the original cultures. The work with master plants as Ayahuasca is then attributed with paradigms and characteristics of a cultural context not used to work with entheogens; confusing the opportunity of these higher intelligences that are at the service of humanity, with beliefs, western moral and even politics of those who seek to maintain the status quo.

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The opportunity of entheogens is a gateway to comprehension, seeking different understanding of concepts as “disease”, death, spirituality, God and the Manichean morality that leads to suffering. Taking the Buddhist phrase: “In heaven there is no distinction between east and west, is the people who create these distinctions in their minds and then think they are true.”

The opportunity resides in opening the heart to the universe, learning and feeling the truth.

It’s possible to change the current methodology of thought. The western conditioning prevents to actually see and does not allow to live the direct experience; perpetuating the past through beliefs by interpreting the existence only with the knowledge of others.

Healing with entheogens seeks the liberation of beliefs and paradigms created by the culture of suffering. It’s necessary to go through a deep inner work, not just drinking a “potion” and performing “native” rituals. Necessarily one needs to plunge into the inner abyss, stripping away the soul of prior knowledge and live the truth of direct experience. The process requires to leave the comfort zone of belief and live a process of introspection with designated master plants. This work needs the assistance of a liberating guide to integrate what is comprehended through the healing process.
The opportunity of a process with master plants is precisely to open, release, let go and understand. These requires a framed process of comprehension that demands reflection, time to digest from each session, silent retreats, help of a guide with a serious spiritual path and understanding capacity. Furthermore, requires great willpower, dedication, transparency, discipline, sacrifice and pureness of heart.

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This opportunity is a liberation that provides the ability to observe the reality created by the knowledge of others, the reality of the past, taking awareness of it, to silence it and live the direct experience with the universe.

It’s not about doing many consecutive sessions and enter into an “hallucinatory” chaos. It’s necessary a structure of holistic work to process information, understand, comprehend and integrate into the heart.

The work with entheogens is a process of comprehension that gets each one closer to their true essence and is liberated in contact with the wisdom of the universe. Allows access to the hidden truth after millennia of ignorance. It helps to process responsibility as human beings to raise awareness and healing. All this needs interior work, humbleness, time, processes, intelligence, sacrifice and search for truth.

To understand this opportunity is necessary to go through a process of stripping the soul. It’s vital to be very transparent with paradigms; fundamental ideas that are embedded beliefs and place them in a showcase of observation. Take into account that is possible to discard much or all the baggage of ideas that one may consider as truth and re define everything based on comprehension.

To step out from belief one needs to jump into the void of the unknown and see the experience as the first time. Necessarily one needs to risk living outside the comfort zone and away from the beliefs that give the idea of “stability” in a translation of a cultural world that is measurable through the factual. The real “magic” of entheogens is to allow observation and decodification of the current conditioning.

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