Healing Depression

Participants in an Ayahuasca session often describe their experience as the first time they have really gotten to meet themselves. From that meeting or understanding of who they really are, they begin to accept themselves and accept life, both its positive and negative aspects. The narcissistic desire to be perfect is surpassed as well as the notion that life should only be filled with pleasurable experiences. Having these realizations, the patient is able to harness the capacity to confront difficulties in life and manifest successful outcomes. Understanding oneself, one’s strengths, weaknesses, capacities, and life mission as well as truly comprehending compassion for oneself and humanity in general is the basis of the healing of depression with Ayahuasca. Biochemically Ayahuasca is a natural antidepressant. There is no process of enlarging, inserting, or manipulating molecules to provoke antidepressant processes as occurs with pharmaceuticals in traditional neuropsychiatry. Instead it merely stimulates the human brain to naturally produce serotonin through the activation of the pineal gland.

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