25-Day Vedic Immersion with Masters Daru Krishna & Sanango

This seminar is a 25-day deep immersion into the world of Ayahuasca and Master Plants, with a focus on the union between so-called Shamanism and/or the taking of master plants, with Vedic Philosophy and lifestyle.

Through the experience of Sinchi Runa, we have understood that walking the path of the Master Plants is a type of Yoga – a Yoga of the Plants. It is a path to live a direct human experience, in all its potential of perception and connection, which recognizes itself in all that is. The Master Plants, from this perspective, are the beginning of a yogic path, an authentic path and discipline toward the search for truth and understanding of being, free from religious fanaticism, superstitions, and ideas that belong to cultural forms. We understand that the roots of shamanic tools and healings and understandings can be combined with the Brahmanic visions at the dawn of humanity. We have forgotten Dharma and the path that unites us as humans, and that seeks understanding and healing. 

Through this retreat, we seek to remember the real nature of taking entheogens.

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 25-Day Vedic Immersion, Plant Dieta & Full Kambo Initiation

    • Sadhana retreat in silence, with a focus on Vedic Spiritual Practice
    • Shamanic Diet (‘dieta chamanica’) of up to 12 days with a master plant designated according to each individual case
    • 8 Plant Medicine Ceremonies
      • 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies
      • 1 Tobacco (‘La Purge’ Ceremony)
      • Full Kambo Initiation: 3 Kambo Ceremonies with a lunar cycle
    • 6 Homa (Agnihotra) ceremonies – sacred Vedic fire ceremonies
    • Personal Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) chart reading with Daru Krishna
    • Daily Sadhana (spiritual practice) led by Daru Krishna
    • 12 talks with Master Sanango and Daru Krishna on shamanism, Vedic philosophy, master plants, Vedic Astrology and Awakening of Consciousness
    • Private consultations with Masters Sanango (English translation available) and Daru Krishna (English/Spanish)
    • Ayuervedic sattvic healing diet to help calm and focus the mind
    • Gastric Purge / Cleanse
    • Diuretic plant medicine cleanse

The lectures and exercises are led by Master Sanango, director of Sinchi Runa, with extensive experience and recognition in working with master plants, and Master Daru Krishna, renowned Vedic astrologer, and Ayurvedic scholar. In this retreat, we merge the wisdom and direct experience that the Master Plants provide, with the knowledge and science of Vedic tools, the use of mantras, Jyotish (Vedic astrology), Ayurveda, focusing everything on technology and science of consciousness (yoga) – a real science that seeks truth and understanding of being. Yoga is living a direct experience with the Absolute, a communion with the cosmos and the Divinity.

With the wisdom of the Amazonian traditions and the invaluable teachings of Vedic philosophy, we intend to serve this search for truth through silence and an authentic path of awakening – a path of healing through understanding, which seeks to open the heart and awaken the nature of love and compassion that resides in each of us. 

This retreat takes place in complete silence and is a serious and intense commitment to the search for inner silence, truth, and understanding.

This retreat is recommended for participants who have previously attended silent processes (either Sinchi Runa retreats, silent meditation retreats such as Vipassana, or similar) or who are confident in their ability to maintain silence for 25 days. Speaking will be allowed during consultations with the Masters or assistance from facilitators, and when participating in workshops.

Retreat Teachers

 Maestro Daru Krishna Das


Master Daru Krishna is a Vedic teacher and close friend of Master Sanango, who honors Sinchi Runa by sharing Vedic knowledge, performing Vedic ceremonies like Homa, and offering astrology (Jyotish) readings.

Daru Krishna has dedicated himself to the practice and dissemination of Vedic sciences, Bhakti Yoga, Ayurveda, and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), for more than 40 years. He systematically studied the Vedic sciences in India, learning from prominent scholars, and trained dozens of students in these Vedic disciplines.

In 1979 Daru Krishna introduced the science of Ayurveda in Peru, and in 1992 he published the book: “Salud y Vitalidad” (“Health and Vitality”). In 2013 he published “The Science of Karma – Jyotish – Vedic Sidereal Astrology”. Daru Krisna is the founder and director of Vedika Institute, where he offers Vedic astrological readings, and teaches Vedic Astrology, with a staff of Ayurvedic specialists who offer therapies and courses.

 Maestro Sanango

Our retreats are directed by Maestro Sanango, a Peruvian spiritual master who has spent several decades inviting Ayahuasca, as well as directing Shamanic Diets or vision quests. Sanango is a “vegetalista” with a deep knowledge of the Master Plants, their metaphysical implications and forms of healing. He has been directing the Sinchi Runa Institute, previously located in the Peruvian Amazon and now located in Portugal, for the past 10 years. 

Sanango has given lectures on shamanism in Universities of Peru and Guatemala. He has also developed extensive knowledge within the Vedic philosophy, establishing connections and healing tools between the shamanic tradition of Peru and the Vedic philosophy. He works with his students who accompany him and are on a path of understanding, having spent several years learning from him and the Master Plants.

Before the creation of Sinchi Runa, Sanango spent many years learning with different maestros in the Peruvian Amazon, as well as prolonged retreats in solitude with Master Plants in what are traditionally called shamanic diets, dietas or vision quests. During this time, he created a deep bond with the spirit of Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants and divine deities that allow him to celebrate safe ceremonies and processes that lead to a deep spiritual realization and healing of the soul.


The Shamanic Diet

A shamanic diet is an opportunity to work with and learn directly from a master plant that is your teacher and “speaks” within you; a spiritual teacher that goes into a brew of the decoction of a master plant, such as the Chiric Sanango that belongs to the family of Sanangos (healers). The Chiric Sanango (healer who heals through cold) opens the heart, teaches us love and trust. Also as example we have Uchu Sanango (healer who burns, who cleanses with fire or heats our limitations), the beautiful plant Bobinzana, Ajo Sacha, Tabaco… Here the healer or shaman acts as a mediator between you and the spirit or entity of the plant.

Over a period of up to 12 days during the diet, the voice of this master guides you to your heart, to find solutions to deep-seated complexes and sufferings, and to achieve healing through understanding, self-observation, and insight.

During a shamanic diet, a master plant meets you at the level of your being, at the state of your soul, and brings you the healing you personally need at that moment.

Everything that happens to us calls us to understanding. With the guidance of an ancient and wise teacher, we are guided to understand what life calls us to understand, in order to heal. The master accompanies you on your journey, strengthening you, opening what needs to be opened, burning and purifying what needs to be cleansed, and also healing you on a physical level.

It is an opportunity to understand life, existence and karma; an opportunity to build the resilience and strength needed to rise beyond our suffering, and through understanding let go and free ourselves from the circumstances that bind us to suffering.

The diet is an opportunity to listen to yourself and your heart. Everything else is silenced, including the noise of what we eat, and we isolate ourselves from the world for a few days. It is a search for silence so that we can listen to ourselves and open our hearts. To open the heart, we must first find the heart and feel the voice of the heart. The voice of the master plant guides us to listen to ourselves, to listen to the rhythm of the universe through nature, the wind, the sunrise and sunset, to listen and begin to understand the meaning of existence and our being.

Through the diet, we begin to listen to our being. We leave our comfort zone and humanize ourselves, leaving behind the beliefs of needing the objects we surround ourselves with. Diet is a practice to return to the essential, to silence. Therefore, we stay in tents in nature, allowing us to begin to listen to the sun, the moon, the birds; to listen to nature and seek silence, to return to the primordial in our being.

The Plants are Medicine

A retreat with a master plant diet and ayahuasca is an opportunity to go deeper, because it goes to the heart of the being and imbues you with the plant and its wisdom. We must remember that plants, and this work, are medicine, and must be treated with the care and respect that this entails. With this work it is not about doing more ceremonies to receive more healing, but to bring to the heart the teachings and understanding that we are able to receive, assimilate and understand. More ceremonies are not necessarily better if we cannot integrate it.

This work is a deep holistic process that encompasses our whole being, and each Ayahuasca ceremony is an invaluable opportunity if prepared and integrated correctly, with plenty of time and silence to settle and integrate what is opened and shown to us in the ceremonies and diet. For us, a retreat with fewer ceremonies, with a shamanic diet in silence and isolation between each session, is a much more correct way to digest and work deeply with the medicine.

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