“During an Ayahuasca ceremony we can perceive the frailty and brevity of human life and the eternity of our consciousness or soul. We face the transcendence and escape from the prison of our senses. We recover our interdimensional nature and thus we become what humanity really is, a universal consciousness.” 

Maestro Sanango

“During an Ayahuasca ceremony we can perceive the frailty and brevity of human life and the eternity of our consciousness or soul. We face the transcendence and escape from the prison of our senses. We recover our interdimensional nature and thus we become what humanity really is, a universal consciousness.” 

Maestro Sanango

Ayahuasca and Master Plant Diets in the Peruvian Rainforest

Sinchi Runa is an intimate ayahuasca and master plant retreat center, as well as a family and student home. We are dedicated to provide and nurture a safe, compassionate, and sacred space in which one can experience genuine healing and spiritual awakening. Our mission is to help each individual reconnect with their true essence by awakening the capacity of wisdom that resides within their heart.

With twenty years of in-depth experiential work with Ayahuasca and a variety of shamanic master plants and natural entheogens, and seven years as a center, we specialize in master plant dietas, short or long term treatments, deep immersion processes, and intensive retreats. We merge the wisdom and direct experience brought by the plants with invaluable Vedic teachings through Ayurvedic healing, astrology, lectures, mantras and spiritual practices such as pranayama, meditation and hatha yoga. All of our services are uniquely customized to nurture and serve each and every individual according to their own understanding and needs.

We provide our guests with the opportunity to experience a personal yet universal path of healing that goes beyond traditional systems and methods of healing. Undergoing a process at Sinchi Runa is a unique opportunity in unveiling and realizing the very nature of existence; an opportunity to reconnect to and discover the truth and freedom of who one truly is. 

Maestro Sanango

“I’ve met a handful of shamans in my short time on this earth. However, none have come close to having the amiable essence in which Sanango exuberated. There are a few rare people with whom you can look in the eye and immediately you know, that they know. They have come into contact with and are holding inside of themselves great truths. These truths are profound beyond words and so only their eyes can really tell you. Their eyes tell you that they know. When I looked into Sanango’s eyes, I knew he knew.”

Artemis Emily Dole

Sanango is a healer, shaman and spiritual teacher who has a unique and profound understanding of the human soul, the longing for unconditional love and ultimate truth. Through his life and work he embody a state of divinity, peace and compassion. Over the past twenty years he has conducted thousands of ayahuasca ceremonies and many in depth process. He is specializing in the awakening of consciousness as well as healing states of depression, anxiety and  addiction.

Sanango works with entheogens, master plants and eastern consciousness techniques aiming to bring the individual to a direct encounter with her inner universe, the love of God and the reconnection with nature.

He performs energetic healings through amazonian shamanism, ayahuasca and wachuma (san pedro), along with other master plants and natural entheogens. His direct yet compassionate ways leaves little room for the games and limitations of the ego. He challenges the individual to step outside of their comfort zones, limited thinking and fear based restrictions in order to embrace the opportunity to be truly alive.

With firmness, love and humility he works towards the dream and vision that humanity may remember and reconnect to the universal love that is the essence of our being.

Awakening the inner master

Sinchi Runa is a word in Quechua that means “Warrior of light”. For us, true healing means awakening the healer that resides within each individual. Awakening the inner master and intelligence allows us to reach the source of all healing. Once this inner source is found, we become the masters of our own existence, capable of meeting each challenge with wisdom, grace and ease. In this way the participant will be able to integrate their understanding and continue their journey after leaving Sinchi Runa. While continuing with us to be available and ready to help with any post-process integration and growth.

At Sinchi Runa we understand that each moment, pleasurable or painful, is an opportunity for comprehension and spiritual growth.  

When there is a deep trust in life and one’s own capacity to face it’s challenges, the hardship of mental darkness is overcome. Life then becomes a fascinating journey; unfolding ever deeper with understanding, love and connection to the whole.

A spiritual home and lifelong journey

At Sinchi Runa we receive no more than seven participants at a time. Our guests are invited to share the personal journey, spiritual path, and the relationships that we have with master plants, shamanic healing and Vedic spirituality. We work closely with each guest to ensure that they are reaching their highest potential during their process.

It’s common for participants to choose to stay longer than they originally planned and/or return from time to time to deepen their path and understanding. We have a vast international network of friends and family that continuously return to explore new spiritual pathways. In this sense, Sinchi Runa is not only a healing center but also a spiritual home.

Ayahuasca Retreats

Our retreats offers a journey into the depth of plant healing, ayahuasca and genuine shamanism. The aim is to remember one’s inner wisdom and initiate a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

The shamanic diet is a spiritual exercise that works through the guidance and intelligence of one or various master plants. It is one of the most important rituals and elements within Amazonian shamanism.

At Sinchi Runa, we strongly feel that Ayahuasca and other plant entheogens while taken within a sincere and sacred context, are among the greatest gifts humanity can receive at this moment in time.

Embarking upon a deep immersion retreat with Ayahuasca and Master Plant Diets, is an adventure in wonderment, into the heart of self-knowledge. This journey brings us into the essential understanding of our inner world and nature of existence. 

ayahuasca assisted healing

At Sinchi Runa we offer specialized processes to treat depression, anxiety and addiction as well as other energetic disorders related to physical and mental health.

Treating depression

Understanding oneself, one’s strengths, weaknesses, capacities, and life mission as well as truly comprehending compassion for oneself and humanity in general is the basis of the healing of depression with Ayahuasca…

Treating addiction

At Sinchi Runa we offer a new alternative for healing addictions and compulsions. The participant becomes the owner of his own healing and the creator of his own process… 

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