Recordings & Group Talks with Sanango

We are honored to share recordings of Maestro Sanango’s wisdom, where he speaks about awakening through a path with Ayahuasca & Master Plants, and the immense gift and opportunity that the plants are for the healing of humanity and our hearts. 

We encourage you to listen to these recordings from a place of stillness and openness, letting go of any need to understand or solve with the mind and leaving any expectation behind; simply allowing the teachings to touch you and resonate with your heart in their own perfect way.

All of our retreats include talks and sharing circles with Sanango, and these recordings are mostly captured live on retreats. Sanango speaks in Spanish, and is translated directly by one of our facilitators into English (usually Madhava Priya Dasi or Ananda). 

What is Ayahuasca? (45min)

In this retreat talk in preparation for an Ayahuasca ceremony, Maestro Sanango talks about what Ayahuasca is and what we may experience during a ceremony. Some of the topics include:

  • Observing ourselves and our reality
  • Learning to listen to what the plant is showing me
  • Coming out of fears and difficulties
  • Trusting in our experience, in life, in (our) Truth
  • What is a ‘shaman’?

Much to Heal - The Purge (23min)

In this talk, Maestro Sanango introduces the Purge ceremony (la Purga), and discusses amongst others:
  • We are here to unlearn; our entire lives can be summarised in learning to let go
  • What is Rectitude? The energy of Truth, the undeniable, of God, that which IS.
  • How do the plants of the Purge work (Tobacco and Rosa Sisa/Marigold)?
  • What are the beliefs and paradigms that cause our suffering, that separate us from opening our hearts?
  • We must do the work to create our own miracles; and assume the path as a process and work.
  • What are the mechanics of the Purge?

Surrendering ^& Understanding the Path (19min)

In this group talk, Maestro Sanango speaks about:
  • Why surrendering and coming out of our heads allows us to enter deeper with the medicine – and vomit
  • To allow Ayahuasca and the medicine to work and serve us, we need to learn to observe ourselves and surrender
  • Entheogens are tools we can use to reach states, and experience new states of ourselves
  • The states we can reach with entheogens can be experienced through deep paths of yoga or meditation
  • Each of us have a unique experience; each of us has a unique path, and we’re all here to understand something according to our karma or Dharma.

What is an entheogen? (10 min Video, Spanish with subtitles)

In this video, Sanango talks about:
  • What entheogens are
  • How they amplify our perception of reality
  • The opportunity that entheogens offer us for understanding and healing on our spiritual journeys.
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