Ayahuasca Retreats in Europe

“During an Ayahuasca ceremony we can perceive the frailty and brevity of human life and the eternity of our consciousness or soul. We face the transcendence and escape from the prison of our senses. We recover our interdimensional nature and thus we become what humanity really is, a universal consciousness.”

Maestro Sanango

Sinchi Runa will be holding Ayahuasca Retreats and Kambo ceremonies in Europe from the beginning of 2019 until the end of summer 2019. If you wish to join us or know more about our location and what we will be offering, please write to us for more information.

At Sinchi Runa, we strongly feel that Ayahuasca and other plant entheogens while taken within a sincere and sacred context are among the greatest gifts humanity can receive at this moment in time. These sacraments have a unique ability to confront us with what is hidden within. They reveal to us the actual inner workings of our very existence and our place in the world. They help make us aware of our most vital and intimate inner and outer urgencies and how to better take care of them. They aid us in fighting ignorance and disconnection and in rediscovering our place in the movement of life and existence.

Suffering, destruction and the lack of meaning that can be seen throughout human society in truth comes from the disconnection from our understanding of love and of the natural belonging to life. Ayahuasca, while taken in a sacred context with genuine intention, meets us exactly where we are and opens our heart and path towards the remembrance of our essential essence and reason for being.

Our retreats are carefully and lovingly held by Peruvian shaman and spiritual teacher Sanango along with his assistants. Sanango has over 20 years of experience with inviting Ayahuasca and other Amazonian Master Plants. Before the creation of Sinchi Runa, he dedicated many years to learning with different masters in the Peruvian Amazon as well as prolonged retreats in solitude with master plants in what is traditionally called dietas or shamanic diets. During this time he created a deep bond with the spirit of Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants and divine deities which allows him to hold safe ceremonies and processes that lead to profound spiritual realization and soul healing.

Through our retreats we aim to create a safe and sacred space that allows each individual to experience profound healing and spiritual understanding. We do this with the hope that we may contribute to the healing of humanity as a whole and to a more peaceful world that is based on love, care, understanding and the genuine search for truth.

With much gratitude we share this invaluable medicine and sacred journey with all those who feel called to join.

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