Ayahausca Ceremony in Tikal

Ayahuasca Ceremony in Tikal Guatemala

Since I arrived to Guatemala, I knew on an unconscious level that it was an opportunity that could provide me an understanding of the human soul and the cosmos. I knew that it would change many of the concepts that I came with and that it would help understand my force or essence. The contradiction of a small country that has a dramatic disconnection from the world, as well as unjust structural conditions, is a good energetic blend for human understanding. It is a combination of light and darkness, which is desired if you really want to comprehend.

The circumstances that led me to Tikal are minor in terms of the material ones, but the important thing is that a series of “coincidences” or cosmic timings allowed a session at El Gran Jaguar, The Pyramid of the Underworld for the Maya. In addition, people who were part of the session did so for random reasons and without any transcendental coordination. These people somehow were examples of humanity, with their limitations, prisons, miseries, greatness, heroism, truth, compassion, ego and lack of love.

Tikal is a Mayan city that dates back thousands years BC , perhaps one of the oldest remains of America. There are cities that aged about five thousand years, but not with the magnitude and importance of Tikal. The Mayan Prophecies of the Baktum XIII, together with diverse observations as of Terrance Mackenna on the end of times and the change of polarity of the earth had focused all the attention and expectation in the Mayan culture. Adding to their surprising development, their mysterious end, their incredible mathematical and astrological observations, all resonated with the space-time projections of other great cultures of human development.

From the beginning, the session was marked by a singular environment. Most of us decided to walk from the Bungalows of the National Park of Tikal to the pyramids. The idea of walking was to get slowly closer to the Pyramid of the Great Jaguar, asking permission at different points, as acknowledging the saved wisdom of humanity and the opportunity to approach a vortex of energy in an expanded state of consciousness. The responsibility of the experience was beyond our expectations; I understood that it was possible that this opportunity had never being given to anyone before.

At night, the pyramid looks like a huge stone, raised up in the forest without explanation. The surrounding elements are not overshadowing her and everything holds an architectural relationship with the cosmos that obviously we have lost in our constructions these days. Similar feeling in Inca vestiges, as if the human work could be integrated into the forest or creation, in harmony, without ego, with love and synchronicity.

The session began as usual, cleaning the place from energetic interferences, calling the spirits of the forest and spirits connected to the Ayahuasca. Apparently the session would be a celebration of awareness, in appreciation of the opportunity to be there and to be able to comprehend. The session was that and much more. Many of the things we sense sometimes need a physical boost considering that reason clouds comprehension. Needless to say, what I understood in that session changed my appreciation of existence in many forms.

When we took the Ayahuasca I felt a very strong effect, although the session did not develop through normal channels, if that term can exist in an Ayahuasca session, I decided to go deep to avoid wasting the experience. Suddenly I felt my body lost all relation to what we consider reality and went to another level or dimension. The physical environment of this plane looked like a faint mist that almost did not infer with the reality of what I began to see.

The pyramid was outstanding, all white, with an almost metallic sheen. The pyramid suddenly opened and out came a world very hard to describe, but I’ll try. Inside the pyramid was something as a kind of universe of entities very similar to the Egyptian gods, for there was something reptilian in them along with their highly stylish wolfish shaped heads. It showed some identity of female and male, but I would categorize it more like a feminine or androgynous world.

These beings were traveling almost floating with a body language in great harmony. The opening of that space had taken the session and there was no inside nor outside, nor of me, nor of the pyramid. There were no thoughts, just a similar way of perception of emptiness within a space of peace and infinite bliss. I found myself possessed by these entities, which “feeling” I can only describe as harmony. The few things I could perceive of myself could be described as a state of death, there was no body, no mind, only some identity within that world. My capacity of comprehension was as in a sort of shock and the state of death, far from scaring me away, gave me pleasure and admiration. These beings were transmitting that they kept knowledge at the reach of humanity, but at the same time lost in this age of confusion.  They were transmitting pure compassion, with hopes that we can overcome the human state of savagery that is confused with civilization. It was being present at the source of truth, locked or hidden, waiting for our rebirth.

During the session there were different behaviors of the participants, from love and heroic attempts to enter in comprehension, to the even most painful forms of ego. All humanity represented among attendees. There were those who left the meeting seeking their individual understanding, abjuring their faith and wisdom. There were those who attempt to somehow find in “magic” or darkness, the reasons for being there. Be sought to find in it, a confusing way of the divine along with the other, who is summoned in absolute ignorance and almost animal consciousness, who just sank in the misery of his own duality and stupidity. We were all living the anxiety of the torrential rain on our bodies and the worthlessness of our forecasts, without any defense against what we did not understood. We were in the middle of a war between ignorance and truth.

At some point I had to walk through the woods looking for someone who I considered lost, the opportunity was to feel all that was kept in the pyramid. The graves of the warriors who “live” in a waking state, dramatically awakened before our steps embodying strength and shape. Everything got intense to the point of being able to perceive galactic forces, as electric lights and indescribable shapes of vibration more attached to cosmic infestations than rescuers as romantics imagine. This is a vortex of energy that embodies a possibility and is therefore protected by the darkness. To be able to put back the vortex in the service of mankind, we must face a very dark energy that ignorance defends.

Tikal was a start for me to overcome the hopelessness in human reason, face their cruelty, lack of love and likewise, the love in their essence. After the session, I was leaning for a while on the pyramid seeking strength and I could see that every apparent stain of moisture imaged unimaginable human sexuality and deities. I was able to comprehend that the truth is united to God through the liberation of our sexual strength. I had the opportunity to see and admire the true beauty of bodies, indescribable in form, linked in cosmic grace of love and comprehension. Contemplating that, my mind went into an epiphany of divine comprehension while connecting to God through true freedom, to go beyond the paradigm of connecting with the divine through our sexual force and go beyond the slavery to which we have being reduced through the castration of it.

The human opportunity is to remember its own essence, to be open to comprehend and internalizing into heart, their fate to understand compassion and the harmony of the cosmos.  To go far beyond the prison of stupidity formed by ego, dressed with absurd fearful beliefs that have being bombarded by ignorance through the mind. The awakening of this opportunity began with the planetary alignment of December 21, 2012. But even if all the forces of the universe come together with all the divine incarnations on earth, it is humanity that must rip itself apart. Open your heart and seize your chance to freedom.

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  1. Muy hermoso, gracias por compartirlo!! Sanango 🙂

  2. Wow! Increíble. I can’t wait to dig deeper and explore further. What a gift Ayahuasca is. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. thank you .. greetings from brazil…

    great text

  4. how did you find to ceremony. I travel to San Ignacio belize and would love to attend an ayahuasca ceremony. thanks

  5. Hi,

    I’m looking to do this in Tikal. Can you please put me in touch with the people that do the Ayahuasca Ceremony?

    Thanks so much! Kate

    1. I am also interested in getting in touch with the people as well for the ceremony?

  6. i am also wanbting in tikal or lake atitlan

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