A Birth of New Opportunities

Right now, we have the power to raise this circumstance into a transformative experience of reflection and love. What we learn from the interaction with the intelligence of the master plants in our bodies is the immense human capacity for connection, far beyond our biological capacity. That all the power of God and the universe resides in us. We learn to be much more than our bodily circumstances and that our capacity grows as we manage to find our center. Seated with folded legs in a straight position. 

Visualize that you are in an Ayahuasca ceremony, breathe, find your center, feel yourself. All your “demons” are the voices of fear, the fear of listening to your own inner voice. Let go of the alarmist news and the stories of great conspiracies or apocalyptic predictions. Let go of this whole cult of death that prevents us from seeing each other and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to exist. Miraculously, the noise of many machineries have been silenced and the blue sky can be glimpsed in the confines where smoke covered the infinity and congested our lungs, preventing us from feeling alive. The Earth is seeking to breathe, just like us, and as we are the same multi-organism, let us breathe.

Viruses, bacteria and all the forms that reside and compose our organisms in the bodily dimensions are part of life, transformation and evolution. We are earth, matter in constant change and transformation. We are the verb and the movement, consciousness-made form, a divine song and we need the equilibrium of unfolding in order to exist. We cannot fight with the movement of life. We need to unconditionally collaborate with the inevitable, which does not mean to abandon myself, neglecting my duty, ceasing to live my Dharma or drowning in conformity, but to accept and navigate through the transforming force of the movement, clinging to the rectitude of service that will enable me to awaken to real love. To accept that I am the wind and the waves of the sea, that my existence is a constant unfolding, without fearing, without holding on, just like the sound of the sea and the wind. Because I am that, just sound. Vibration.

Illness is the conflict, the guilt and the fear, scars implanted by the pain of my mind, my justifications persuading me to cling to the mental creations that impede my understanding of the perfection of each moment. It is the illusion of control that causes me pain and inflammation, my resistance to what is. We need to take real action by letting go of our beliefs and living the unfoldment of life in surrender, letting go of all the ideas, justifications, and truths of others. None of that is real, only my breathing in search of the silence that allows me to hear my own voice…

We want to unite with all the voices, calling for the human opportunity through the bewilderment of this moment. Revive our trust in God and humanity in the search for truth. We are privileged to attend a moment of great beauty and suffering, let us not waste this moment in lamentations or attachment to the non-essential. This is the moment to love and serve in order to truly conquer the real state of humanity.

We continue to offer our retreats and we will be open to receiving you to the extent that communications and sanitary regulations allow, until we overcome this situation. We live this moment with much love and trust, lighting our altars and fulfilling our duty, so that we can all go through this birth of new opportunities together. Praying that we are all able to listen to the call of our organisms telling us to breathe by opening our hearts.

With great love,




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