Deconditioning and Freedom

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We live in a world where we have sacralized certain lifestyles and ideas, devoting them to the ideal of what it should be and who we must become, a world where other people have managed to design the objectives in life and qualities that we must have in order to be happy. Nevertheless, humans are beings that proceed from the individuality of thought and even though they are cultural and social beings, their internal processes are the ones that determine if he is happy or not. In this crash between the imposed ideal and their own internal reflection, results perhaps in one the biggest causes of modern unhappiness and emptiness.

We all know how we should be, but don’t know who we truly are. We have lost sight of ourselves by so much imposition of massive media and cultural noise. It is a challenge and perhaps the biggest difficulty to be able to see ourselves in this modern world. To see who we truly are, we would need a blast of light inside this mental darkness that is imposed by a culture that does not seek for individuality or development of consciousness.

In the movie The Matrix, we see that human beings have lost the battle and the machines keep them alive to serve them as fuel. They have developed a program that feeds from the nervous system of these immobilized humans and that simulates a virtual reality where they “live” without existing or without been aware. Even if the concept of The Matrix seems too unreal or harsh, we live in a systematized cultural program elaborated centuries ago, based on repression, limitations, translations of what is and what is not “real” or “truth”. We all can escape of this acculturation to be aware of reality or stay in the cave of the myth of Platón, where we only see shadows of reality that are inexplicable for our minds.

We only see what we have learned to look and we translate only what we have learned as reality. Our form of existence is purely cultural and we submerge in the known by fear of facing reality or the truth. We live a kind of comfortable dream, were everything that we see is predictable and already conditioned to our own capacity of accepting and perceiving.

Are we really this? Is our nature so limited that can’t perceive other types of frequencies? Can we see other truths more than the ones conditioned or the ones we suppose that exist? We live accepting our demons, which we feed and accept. Cultural demons like the “pandemic” of AIDS or the prohibitionist culture of use of psychoactive substances and their tragic consequences. We live under translations of God done by great religions and loose consequently the connection with our own divine essence. We have dehumanized ourselves in some point from this intent of “perfection” and “success” based in the beliefs of what we have been told, establishing ways of happiness and unhappiness, establishing what is real and what is not.

Our destiny is to awake from this dream, our perception is immense and is limited only by fear, make the test… stop believing and wake up.

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