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For the definition of noosphere, we rather take for this article the one from the French theologian Pierre Teihard de Chardin. He announce the emergence of a mental layer in earth, a kind of conscious nervous system that surrounds the planet. Product of the interaction of thoughts: “…network links… literally more and more present, in the immensity of this organism, like the image of a nervous system…” This nervous system would be the function of a “…geo technology extending an interdependent stretch web of its companies over the entire earth…” Mr. Teihard died in 1951; he foresees the emergence of the World Wide Web or network of networks, the internet.

We only stay with the Internet if we see this interaction only as a physical act dependent of technology. If we go beyond this interaction, we could see that is going thru many levels, not only as a physical communication tool, but also of a growth development without previous history of connectivity, mental communication and consciousness. Human beings today are evolving in an unimaginable level of thought from only a few decades ago. We are in the birth of an Era that we cannot focus yet with clarity since we lack of any references of development alike in the past.

In this Era where thoughts travel thanks to this web in an instant manner and interacts with unsuspected receptors is revolutionizing the human consciousness and his historical upcoming. We are heading to the beginning of a humanity which the obscurantist ideologies will pass away; we will have no need to filter ideas with editorials or massive media that feed us with new information. We are getting power over ourselves, over our minds and consciousness. This power will make our communication faculties reborn in every individual, making communication free of filters and creating a new form of telepathic faculty. The perception of our thoughts with freedom and our capacity to capture them as energy is the new step in this noosphere which will allow human beings to become a single psychic organism in this planet.

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