A Letter of Gratitude

Gratitude feminine godess

“Let’s place an energy of gratitude in our hearts to close the circle of this opportunity…”

At Sinchi Runa we often end the session of Ayahuasca with this phrase, in order to focus on the lived as an opportunity for understanding, to close the circle with gratitude for what Ayahuasca together with the icaros and mantras, the channeled healing and all the love of God and the entities has given us. Gratitude is necessary for closing the circle and to give the session the transcendent purpose of transmuting the pain of the purge. To let go.

The vomiting in an Ayahuasca session is a purge of that which comes from the depths of our pain, to be able to let go of our darkness, our lack of understanding or our attachment to our suffering. We are all naked before God, with all our limitations and darkness and God loves us this way. It is possible that in the session we can become aware of this by exposing our soul and becoming aware of the entrapment of our mind in the game of pain and pleasure and the justification of the ego. It is possible that we are able to see that all our justifying thoughts are constructs to which our mind resort to create a lack of evolution, despair and laziness. That we are controlled by all the mental artifices that harms us through fear, transgression or false pleasure. That our mind plays with us through many constructions, that the truth is hidden in our soul as a light of hope and that we can have glimpses of this through sacrifice and detachment. That perhaps the only thing that remains is to purge, to offer the pain of the comprehension and ask for compassion so that we can understand.

This year that ends in our microcosm at Sinchi Runa we are living a great session of Ayahuasca, life itself is but at time it is more evident. It is enough to realize the karma that acts as a teacher that talks to us along with the voice of the universe in this adventure – an adventure that we frame within our belief of being born and dying – but we seem unable to listen until for some reason our mind goes into crisis or our body manifest the conflict through pain or illness. The transcendence of this circumstance that we share and call “life” is in our ability of true understanding. Each of our attachments, anarthas and conflicts brings with them a meaning to be understood but it is not enough to understand our karma, it is not enough to understand “sin” without the sacrifice of purging and without the ability to show our nakedness before God, recognizing our fears and sufferings. In order to really feed ourselves from the experience of existence we have to close the circle.

We must “take Ayahuasca” with our will to change, our capacity for love and surrender, to live the session of our daily life and becoming, in the observation of our fears, the greatness of the universe, of our wonder at the divinity or the forces of the nature of earth. We must purge as an offering of our pain, attachment and suffering and really feel that we have renounced the anartha or sin that belonged to us in order to receive the compassion of its transmutation. After the session it only remains to close the circle with gratitude for the pain we experienced in renouncing our ideas or mental constructions and to thank the universe for the compassion of allowing us to understand and heal.

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In the name of me (Sanango), Mikaela and all those who are part of us in the distance living in our hearts and vice versa like Rhiannon, Daru Krishna, Michael, Christin, Monica and Lee etc. we want to thank you for the opportunity to share and learn from you during this cycle. Thank your for your support and love and allowing us to walk together in the search for truth. We also want to thank the opportunity to feel hope, strength and will through processes like that of Paige, who reminds us of the immense human capacity to seek freedom. We live in a world torn apart by war, ignorance, falsehood and selfishness but in which we can marvel at the human will of sacrifice, the love of truth and search for healing. We want to thank you and the universe for being able to be here in the Peruvian jungle again, hoping to heal and be healed, to offer our pain and understanding to God and to open our hearts with faith in life and in love.

Thank you so much, God bless you, Sanango.

* Anartha: What covers the soul and does not allow our understanding, that which does not allow us to be free. What makes us consider the illusory as true, fear or what produces an intense attachment.

The anarthas are of five types: avidy, asmit, rga, dvea and abhinivea. Avidy means to consider unreal objects as real, or illusory objects as true. Asmit is attachment of our ego to this body, which produces an intense desire (rga) to accumulate the objects of our senses / material objects. In this way we cling to them, and if there is an obstacle we have the desire to eliminate it and develop hate (dvea) for this obstacle. In this way comes the duality of rga and dvea. There is also fear of death (abhinivea) due to our absorption in this body. Basically, this called anartha.

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