The Search for Truth

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The search for truth is undoubtedly the brightest theme to conclude the year 2017 at Sinchi Runa: the search for reality, being, the immutable, the transcendent, the pure, the untouchable. What we ultimately pursue is the purpose of human existence; God, the truth or the reason, the dharma, the way; and the relationship with the universe, with the fabric and the weaver.

To understand one’s own being in its totality and truth is what we call freedom. The issues are: who is being and what does freedom really mean?

To understand this, we must move beyond the ego. The ego is the prison of the being and the great supplanter, the great impostor of truth that creates and sustains the illusory “truth” of the mind. Of justifications, secrets, lies, false goodness, pain, envy and all our darkness and delusion. So, how can we reach our being and embark upon a journey of truth? Through observing the mind, understanding how it works or how we work. Otherwise, the mind surpasses us and makes us believe that we are no more than an outcome of our actions and reactions. We must learn from our fears, our limitations, our attachments and dependencies to be able to understand and go beyond the mind. Thus, we can understand this immense mechanism of action-reaction, full of contradictions, intellect and “logic of reason”.

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From the mind and the intellect, we stop living our existence and become only action-reaction. That is to say, we become the reaction to stimuli or information, building paradigms or processes of knowledge that limit the real observation and experience of being alive. This happens because the mind seeks to develop mechanisms of decoding the reality, not to know the real, but to provide security to the thought.

Then, with such an enormous filter on existence, we stop appreciating life and limit ourselves to the reality of the mind. We end living in God to believe in a concept of god or no god, turning religion into ideology and God into a projection of the human mind with judgment, punishments and governing through fear. We may also confuse spirituality with a simple reaction to the paradigms of this “civilisation”, a breaking free or revolution that becomes another egoic search for pleasure and pain, that in the end is the same energy.

At Sinchi Runa, we aim to provide an opportunity to open the heart, leaving the security of our paradigms or mental constructions behind and embark upon a journey of self-knowledge. We do not intend to construct moral truths or new models through our knowledge, but rather that each participant directly experiences their inner wisdom with the help of the entheogen, towards the understanding of the self. Each process is unique, as well as each experience of confronting the mind, the relationship with oneself and the search for truth. Establishing a connection with mother nature, the universe and ??God. By understanding our own circumstance we will be able to embrace the opportunity of being truly alive.

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Through these lines, we wish to thank you for your presence on our journey and the beautiful happening of accompanying you. All these years it has been and is an honor to live the experience of the plants in the company of those seekers who come to us.

This year we held a seminar in Sweden that we carry with gratitude in our heart, for the effort and courage of each one to join us and the plants.

The past year we have deepened the understanding of our mission: to continue as a genuine space for healing and awakening, working with the master plants together with all of you who share our journey. A year of change, of the rebirth of truth in our hearts and the search for hope. Our first year of being back in Peru, in the mountains of Moyobamba and our first year of beginning to accompany Maitreya’s journey in this world. From the jungle we send all of you joy and hope.

All the lovegratitude and admiration for each of you that has allowed us to accompany you on your path. We thank you all, from the depth of our heart.

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